December 8, 2023

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Health ministers will consider testing quarantine rules tonight |  Corona virus what you need to know

Health ministers will consider testing quarantine rules tonight | Corona virus what you need to know

Health ministers from across our country’s policy levels will discuss quarantine and more flexible testing policy on Monday evening, VTM NIEUWS learned.

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Health ministers will begin their consultations Monday evening at 5 pm. This will be followed by a formal Interministerial Conference (IMC) in electronic format. The IMC is already scheduled for Monday evening at 8.30pm, VTM NIEUWS knows. If the ministers cannot reach an agreement during the afternoon, the IMC can also be moved to tomorrow.

Ministers will consider the following questions, among others: Who should respect the quarantine? How long should the quarantine last? How should testing and contact tracing be handled at a time when the omikron variant of the coronavirus is spreading and will increase the number of infections?

These are the current quarantine rules

Today, people with corona have to stay in isolation for ten days and their roommates are in quarantine. High-risk vaccinated contacts should be quarantined for five days and then undergo PCR testing. If negative, the quarantine obligation falls. Practically speaking, seven days will pass soon.

There is a possibility of breaking the quarantine after four days, but then you have to do a self-test every day until you know the result of the PCR test.


In recent days, organizations such as FEB and Unizo have already argued for a relaxation of quarantine rules. After all, employer organizations fear massive absenteeism in companies if current rules are maintained.

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In France, the rules were already modified on Monday. The quarantine period in case of infection will be shortened from ten to seven days for those vaccinated. They can also be released from quarantine after five days if they can submit a negative test. Under certain conditions, vaccines with high-risk contact are not required to be quarantined.

Earlier today, virologist Marc van Ranst called the quarantine rules “more flexible”dangerous epidemicBut this risk can be managed.”

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