October 3, 2023

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Heating water cheaply: Do you do it with a boiler, boiling water tap or stove?  |  MyGuide

Heating water cheaply: Do you do it with a boiler, boiling water tap or stove? | MyGuide

Mine energyFrom cooking pasta or potatoes for a summer salad to ending the evening with a relaxing cup of tea: you’re boiling more water than you think. Most of us do that with the kettle. However, some swear by the skillet or kettle on the stovetop. For some time now, a more modern alternative has been available with a boiling water tap. But where are consumption costs lowest? Mijnenergie.be performed the calculation.

By Kurt DiMahn, in association with Mijnenergie

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07-06-23, 15:13


Option 1: With the boiler

These devices are available in different versions. Models in which the resistance is in direct contact with water usually consume less.

It takes just over three minutes to boil one liter of water with a 2,000-watt kettle. At the current average price – via Mijnenergie.be – From 33.68 euro cents per kilowatt-hour, it costs 35 euro cents to heat water with a boiler.

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Option 2: On the stove

He. She stove It is a less efficient way to heat water. On the other hand, natural gas is cheaper than electricity.

According to the Dutch consumer program Radar, the amount of gas you use to boil water is 0.30 kWh. At an average price for natural gas of 7.95 euro cents, boiling water will cost you 2.4 euro cents. Thus, the difference in energy prices between electricity and natural gas outweighs efficiency.

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The alternative is that induction cooker. Again, the high price of electricity is a disadvantage. In this case, the cooking session will cost you 6.7 euro cents.

Option 3: Boiling tap water

With a boiling water faucet, you instantly generate boiling water from the faucet. The most popular brand on the market, Quooker, likes to show off thermal insulation that increases efficiency and reduces energy costs. The total consumption of the Quooker tank includes a part for keeping warm water and a part for heating cold water.

To always have boiling water at hand, the Quooker uses 87.6 kWh or € 29.50 per year. If you need an average of 10 liters of boiling water per day, your boiling water faucet will use 423 kWh to heat the water and 87.6 kWh to keep it warm, according to the manufacturer. Total: 511 kWh per year, or 172.11 euros.

A boiling water faucet has the huge advantage that you are only boiling the water you actually need. In combination with solar panels, you can reduce your consumption bill, just as with an induction or boiler.

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