September 21, 2023

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Henny Huisman cries in the movie Better Late Than Never

Henny Huisman cries in the movie Better Late Than Never

Ad, Frits, Henny, and Edwin travel with Estavana to Cambodia. In addition to all the fun activities, the tour group also finds it important to reflect on the country’s history. For example, they visited the Khmer Rouge prison, a prison where nearly two million innocent people were killed in the years 1975 to 1979. Including children. Upon entering, Heaney immediately feels a “very bad vibe.” It wasn’t long before Heaney burst into tears when he saw the pictures and skulls of these young children. “As if they were criminals. (…) Look at it. (…) This is really bad.”

Estafana runs to him to hug him, but Henny is inconsolable. “I want to be brave, but…” In addition to the fact that he is very sad about the fate of these children, he also has to think about his family. “You see your grandchildren. Those little skulls.” Since it was becoming too much for him, Henny decided to leave the room. “I don’t need to see this. (…) How can people do this to each other, man. I think this is very bad.”

Not only is Heaney shocked, but the other gentlemen are as well. “What cowardly dogs, huh,” says Ad. Fritz also does not understand how people can be “so terrible” towards each other. “It’s often about origins. Black, white, Jew or Gentile. Or Muslim. But here it’s about their countrymen.” No matter how intense and intense it is, men are also grateful to be thinking about a part of history. “No matter how strange it sounds: I’m grateful – in quotes – that he allowed us to see this. That we’re not just thinking: Oh my God, we’re having so much fun together.”

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Viewers are affected too. “What an impressive episode.” Another person writes: “Henny, I understand you.”

Watch the episode here behind.