July 21, 2024

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Campbell Stewart was conscious after a horrific crash in the Hungary Tour, Emels Lippens has been penalized

Campbell Stewart was conscious after a horrific crash in the Hungary Tour, Emels Lippens has been penalized

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 6:51 pm

Campbell Stewart has been taken to hospital after a horrific accident during the Tour of Hungary. In the team sprint race, New Zealander Jayco Al-Ala was involved in a severe accident after Immels Leibens took advantage of his front wheel. The latter was punished for this by the competition jury in Hungary.

Stewart was the leader for leader Dylan Groenewegen on the opening stage of the Tour of Hungary. After doing his job, Stewart kept his legs steady. Emils Lippens was to the right of the New Zealander, but he wanted to go to the left. During that move, Lippens collided with Stewart’s front wheel, causing a high-speed collision and causing Sebastian Colze-Changesi (Tudor) to run over him hard. Barnabas Beck also fell hard.

Jayco AlUla provided an update on Stewart’s status shortly after the finale. “He is conscious and on his way to hospital for evaluation,” the Australian World Cup team said.

Theodore on Cycling It was announced that Changezi was suffering from multiple injuries to his left hip, knee, ankle, elbow and back. Since his hands are also badly damaged, he cannot hold the steering wheel and will not be able to continue anymore. Tudor’s teammate Micah Hemming was also involved in the accident and injured his right knee. Whether or not he can continue will be determined Thursday morning.

Punishment by Emils Lippens
The competition jury has now identified the guilty party in the huge accident in which several riders fell. dsm-firmenich PostNL announced that Emils Liepins has been punished for his dangerous maneuver. The Latvian runner has been declassified and returned to last place in the results.

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It is not yet known how the other riders who fell in the team sprint fared. Sam Welsford stayed out of trouble and won the stage. Mark Cavendish was sixth, while Dylan Groenewegen was thirteenth, after being hampered by Stewart’s accident.