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What a transformation!  Real Madrid keeps Bayern out of the Champions League final in a crazy final stage

What a transformation! Real Madrid keeps Bayern out of the Champions League final in a crazy final stage

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  1. 27′ – continued. Serge Gnabry Alphonso Davies
  1. 68′ – Goal – Alphonso Davies (0 – 1)
  2. 70′ – continued. Toni Kroos Luka Modric
  3. 70′ – continued. Aurelien Chouamini by Eduardo Camavinga
  4. 76′ – Continue. Leroy Sane by Kim Min Jae
  5. 81′ – continued. Federico Valverde by Joselu
  6. 81′ – continued. Rodrigo by Ibrahim Diaz
  7. 85′ – Continue. Harry Kane by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
  8. 88′ – Goal – Joselu (1 – 1)
  9. 90+1′ – Goal – Joselu (2 – 1)
  10. 90+10′ – Continue. Jude Bellingham by Eder Militau
  11. 90+11′ – Yellow – Eduardo Camavinga

UEFA Champions League – Second Round – 05/08/24 – 9:00 PM

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Alphonso Davies

0 – 1

Alphonso Davies






1 – 1





2 – 1

Real Madrid reaches the Champions League final for the 18th time. However, it looked like Bayern Munich would turn it into a German final, until a crazy turn in the final stretch. A huge mistake from Neuer and a goal from Joselu ensure that Real Madrid can face Dortmund at Wembley on June 1.

Real Madrid – Bayern Munich in short

  • Key moment: For a long time it looked like we were scoring an Alphonso Davies shot here, until the Bernabeu started to get scared again. In a crazy final phase, two goals suddenly fell from the sky within 3 minutes. Another Houdini act for the Dutch Royal Champions League.
  • Man of the match: Other than Joselo. The Spaniard had barely been on the field for 7 minutes when he sent the Madrid team into a state of delirium. Talk about golden change. Although Vinicius Junior also deserves an honorable mention, he was a blight on the Bavarian defense all evening with his quick feet.
  • have Abad luck: Manuel Neuer played a reference match at the Bernabéu, until that painful mistake. He single-handedly kept his team in the game with a few great saves. But things went wrong in the 88th minute: the 38-year-old goalkeeper was unable to block a rebound from Vinicius, and Joselu shot like a predator.
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Real Madrid forgets to take its chance

Can Bayern Munich shine in the soup season, or is Real Madrid seeking the crown?

This time it was not an attacking start from Der Rekordmeister. Real Madrid demanded the ball, and Bayern took a wait-and-see attitude.

Fifteen minutes later, Vinicius Junior blew the whistle for the first time. The Brazilian star fired a ball from close range that hit the post, and Neuer was there in full force.

The Germans tried to play football from the table, but often stopped in front of the Lunin cage. Top scorer Kane’s shot was one of their most dangerous actions.

Bayern was unable to get out of the trap. Five minutes before the half-time signal, Vinicius sent a ball wide of goal, and once again Neuer kept his side upright with a neat save.

Real Madrid was on time, but was unable to take advantage of the opportunities presented to it. The second half should have been more efficient.

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A crazy ending decides Bayern’s fate

Spoiler: Prepare for a rollercoaster.

Real Madrid have clearly stayed put, with the powerful Vinicius one of the standout players. But the goal came out of nowhere at the other end. From the move, Davies dispossessed Rudiger, who then fired the ball past Lunin with his right hand.

0-1 for Bayern, a taste of their own medicine for Real Madrid.

With 10 minutes left in the game, time was running out and tension was building in the stands.

But: the real wouldn’t be real if a piece of magic didn’t fall from the sky at the end.

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Substitute Joselu had only entered the field for a few minutes when he shattered the German dream. Neuer was unable to block a rebound shot from Vinicius, and the Spanish striker followed it up well and simply scored the ball into the net.

Less than 3 minutes later, the super-sub was there again: Rudiger curled a shot wide of goal, and once again Joselu was in the right place to send Real Madrid into a state of delirium.

In the end, there was a strange moment after referee Marciniak mismanaged the offside situation, but it will be the worst for Real Madrid.

After the final whistle, Madrid’s substitutes stormed the field and miraculously emerged from the Bernabéu.

The Royals are allowed to go to Wembley, while Bayern withdraw. Thus, the Munich team ended a season without a trophy for the first time in 12 years.

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Stage after stage


The Bank of Madrid storms the field, and the Bernabéu miraculously becomes richer. It looked bad for Real Madrid, who had the best opportunities throughout the match but were unable to exploit them. On the other hand, it was a reward after a shot from Davies, a taste of her own medicine?

But: the real wouldn’t be real if a piece of magic didn’t fall from the sky at the end. In a crazy finish, Joselu corrected the completely lopsided situation, and in three minutes the score was suddenly 2-1.

Rave in Madrid, which could go to Wembley. Sadness at Bayern, they ended their season without a trophy.

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What happens here in the end? Marciniak appeared to blow the whistle for offside, but De Ligt scored for the remainder of the game. They are angry with Bayern, but the Polish referee remains steadfast and does not change his decision.

So, offside, but shouldn’t the referee leave it as the regulations say?

Al-Mazraoui took a dramatic deflection and his shot did not reach the finish line. Looks like it’s over.

Is it still possible for Bayern?

The Germans still had 3 minutes to give themselves a second life. Frustrations are beginning to set in, and it is only natural that these from Madrid believe they are untouchable and fight for every bit of land.

There’s Joselu again!

You wouldn’t think it was possible, but Real Madrid can do it. Rudiger throws the ball into the basket, Joselu stands alone and scores like a devil outside the penalty area his second goal in three minutes.

This cannot be explained. Real Madrid and the Champions League, it remains a strange beast.

An additional 9 minutes will be added.

Joselu punctures the German dream!

Joselu has only just entered the field, but he is breathing a sigh of relief at the Bernabéu. Neuer is unable to block a shot from Vinicius, the Spanish striker follows it up well and simply puts the ball into the net.

The inevitable has happened, Real Madrid is back on its feet. What a shame for Neuer, who was playing a fantastic game.

Bayern lacks accuracy in counterattacks

Suddenly the score became 3 against 1 in a German confrontation. Müller defends the ball aggressively, but then makes the wrong decision not to play with Pavlovic. Modric eventually returns in time to save the day.

Another warning to the people of Madrid! On a corner kick, Kim headed the ball straight into the crossbar, which could have been the knockout blow.