March 2, 2024

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Herbs for the festive month of December • 6 tips against bad trips

Herbs for the festive month of December • 6 tips against bad trips




December is the holiday month par excellence, and it seems as if three-quarters of the Netherlands’ population spends Christmas and New Year’s Eve on holiday. And what better thing you can do than stick with it They were dis Togo? True, nothing! But as with food and drink, it’s not wise to throw yourself into the THC hole. So, six useful tips will help you Kana kanti To wow.

With best wishes from…the government

The advice we’ll be bringing you shortly comes in part from the government. Yes, really. Not from us of course, that would be real news. No, but from the regional authorities in the Canadian state of Quebec.

Oh PutinThey speak French there! But we have themLES FÊTES ET LE CANNABIS: 6 tips to get rid of MAUVAISESIt is also instantly converted to your original steel while editing.

Enjoy your days off; With cannabis and these six tips you will definitely be fine! [foto: andrey_l/Shutterstock]

Tip 1: Look for the best quality

Although bargain hunting, hoarding, and stamping run in our Dutch veins, buying cheap isn’t always the best option. In reality; Something you run through your lungs, it’s best not to compromise on quality! Mold resulting from smoking, food residues, or pesticides such as bird flu should be avoided.

Since 94% of cannabis consumers here still consume hashish or hashish with tobacco, this rule applies to almost everyone. By the way, even if you vape or eat, you don’t want garbage but something decent. Because you’re not crazy, right?!

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Tip 2: Know your limits

Cannabis affects each person differently. While one smoker is completely blown away by a full-fat, ripe white widow, another asks if anything will come of it (so to speak).

Therefore, choose cannabis and hash that contain lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In high doses, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the main psychoactive compound in cannabis — can produce severe effects. It can make you feel worse: rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and confusion.

Tip 3: Save your lungs

There’s still a word about your lungs. No, we won’t bore you with sermons about quitting tobacco, after all, it’s a holiday and should still be fun. But if you smoke the old-fashioned way with tobacco through your lungs, don’t keep the smoke in those organs for too long.

Because this is a persistent myth: that you get stoner/louder if you “hold” smoke in your lungs for as long as possible. Nonsense! Our friends at the Canadian government in Quebec add the following well-meaning warning: Do not mix hashish or hashish with tobacco, nicotine is highly addictive.

Organic is better! [beeld: daver2002ua/Shutterstock]

Tip 4: Take it easy with foods

There are some holiday snacks, and you shouldn’t be surprised in our circles if a hemp bread or drink also appears on the table. Wine, beer, cakes, biscuits…they provide extra pleasure. But remember that it takes much longer for cannabis/hashish to arrive than it does to smoke weed or vaporize cannabis. And once it arrives – after about an hour – it also lasts longer!

Therefore, start with a small dose. Wait until you feel the effects before you swallow (or drink) more. Also make sure that children and/or pets cannot easily grab your food items.

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Tip 5: Be careful when “mixing”

And no, we don’t mean that you smoke pot and hashish at the same time (that’s fine), but that you should be careful when consuming alcohol with cannabis. This enhances the effects of both substances (!). And before you know it, you’re “Trunks.”

The herb mixture can make you feel nauseous or dizzy, which often leads to old vomiting if taken in excess. Not a holiday activity, actually. Even if you are using medication, it is recommended to check – with a doctor, pharmacist or online – whether the herb/cannabis combination does not lead to unwanted effects.

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Tip 6: Plan ahead how you will get home

It sounds like a cliche that your grandmother gives you without asking after Christmas dinner, but still. Cannabis tends to slow reaction time and reduce concentration behind the wheel of a car, scooter, and bike.

That’s why it doesn’t hurt to arrange a bob in advance. Or you can take a taxi or use public transportation. If that’s not an option, just wait a couple of hours…

It’s December and the holiday season has officially begun… {Photo: IRA_EVVA/Shutterstock]

We wish you a very happy holiday with plenty of drinks, food and of course weed!


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