March 2, 2024

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Ralph Mackenbach moves to Switzerland to conduct research on nuclear fusion

Ralph Mackenbach moves to Switzerland to conduct research on nuclear fusion

There are still many people who spontaneously start humming his song when they hear the name Ralph Mackenbach: “Bedabediedoe,” the catchy chorus of “Click Clack” with which he won the Junior Song Festival in 2009. Ralph himself now sings a completely different song. This week he received his PhD with distinction as a nuclear physicist from TU Eindhoven and can now call himself a doctor. Mention Mackenbach. On Sunday he will talk about it on the talk show KRAAK. From Omrup Brabant.

The former teen idol isn’t saying he’ll never take the stage again, but he is now working on nuclear fusion. Scientists around the world are trying to discover whether it is possible to mimic the processes that take place in the Sun on Earth to generate energy. We are still far from that, because such a process is difficult to control. The temperature needs to reach about 150 million degrees for the nuclei to fuse.

However, people still prefer to hear the story of the Little Song Festival. The song “Click Clack” is about his tap dancing hobby, so yes, he is always asked if he still tap dances. The answer is that he put the shoes away for a while. Never say never, but now physics is what matters.

After high school, he considered enrolling in a dance academy or theater academy, but chose physics at TU Eindhoven. “Only because I liked him more.” For this reason, he now prefers to talk about nuclear fusion. With a “rolled bun” in hand, he explains how he gets caught up in the turbulent eddies during the merging of atomic nuclei.

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His scientific research in the field of nuclear fusion is not finished yet. He is moving to Switzerland to conduct further research and hopes to contribute to solving the energy issue. Although he calls himself an optimist, he still believes that it may take another hundred years before nuclear fusion energy comes out of our sockets.

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KRAAK airs live every Sunday at 12:00 PM and then repeats. The program too Connected It can be seen back and forth Brabant+.