March 2, 2024

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Municipal Council: “Efteling is not given more space than other entrepreneurs”

Municipal Council: “Efteling is not given more space than other entrepreneurs”

Factions in the municipality of Loon op Zand support mayor Han van Aert, who believes that the city of Efteling was not favored during the Corona pandemic. On Friday, it responded to an investigation by Omroep Brabant, which gave the impression that the municipality was more lenient with Efteling’s laws and regulations than other businessmen.

The municipality of Lon op Zand has dealt creatively with the rules during the Corona crisis, as evidenced by more than two hundred emails and other documents published by the municipality at the request of Omrup Brabant.

Catering establishments and terraces were closed, while additional terraces were allowed to be installed in Efteling. A supermarket was also allowed to open in the amusement park, whereas normally a permit is required and the zoning plan must allow it. By calling it a “department store”, it is still possible to build a SPAR supermarket.

Mayor Van Aart explains that everything went smoothly at that time: “Every entrepreneur in our municipality had opportunities to continue their business operations during Corona times. Nothing happened that could not stand the light of day.”

“Those three thousand people who work there should not be victims.”

The situation was “very complicated at that time, with special tolerances and rules,” says party leader Henk van Commen of Gementebelangen, the largest party in Loon op Zand. “You can’t compare Efteling to a café on the market in Kaatsheuvel. During Corona times, we looked at how we could help all entrepreneurs, especially a big company like Efteling. We wanted to make sure that the 3,000 people who work there were not affected by this.”

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Van Commen says the factions stand for “equality of monasticism, equal coverings, and equal opportunities for all.” “But in the time of Corona it was very difficult. However, I do not have the impression that Efteling was favored and that other entrepreneurs were treated differently.”

“We expect civil servants to criticize and have discussions.”

Maiki Mesdag, leader of the Pro3 party: “At that time, we always insisted on thinking together with entrepreneurs and offering customized solutions. As far as we know, this has been done. There have been discussions among officials about how to deal with Efteling”… in Corona times, this was not surprising to her. “We also expect them to be decisive, and that’s part of their job. Ultimately it’s up to the mayor to make the final decision.”

Mesdag doesn’t believe Efteling was given more space and profit margins than other entrepreneurs. “As carefully as possible thought was given to all entrepreneurs who were at risk of getting into trouble due to the pandemic.” She also says: I can imagine that, and this applies to everyone who has had to deal with the consequences of Corona, as the gray area in the systems has been searched for. And I assume Efteling did too.”

VVD faction leader Michel Verhoeven wants to raise questions about the issue during the council meeting on December 14. “I hope there will be more clarity.”

The research was also explained in the YouTube series “How..?”

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