March 4, 2024

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Here it is now available immediately

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE We have listed our offers for you below. not only this Fan Edition Recently in Dutch stores – you can already save about 130 euros easily.

Galaxy S21 FE deals

At the beginning of January, Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 FE after months of delays. The device combines logical options (plastic housing, telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom) with ultra-fast hardware (Snapdragon 888 processor) and a few stunning colors.

This works well for us. Because the device is really cool and fast, while you can last for a long time charging the battery. The camera is good, and the zoom camera is an improvement over the original Galaxy S21. Now especially after removing the sharp edges from the suggested retail price, the S21 FE has suddenly become a phone with a good quality-to-price ratio.

Would you like to read more about the device and see how the camera performs? Read our expander Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review. If you want to know more about the software and support that Samsung will provide in the coming years, you can also read all about Updates in Die de Galaxy S21 FE . Upgrades You will receive in the coming years.

Galaxy S21 FE already discounted

Although Samsung initially gave the Galaxy S21 FE its suggested retail price of €749, that price was a bit ambitious. So the device is already somewhat reduced. You can buy the S21 FE now from 619 euros for the 128 GB model, while you pay around 680 euros for the 256 GB. This suddenly makes it the most interesting phone that Samsung is currently offering. You can choose from graphite (dark grey), olive (green), lavender (purple), and white (white).

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You can also choose these alternatives:

Where do I buy?

Of course you buy from Samsung special shop here Always official Dutch Galaxy S21 FE. But there are more stores selling these devices, and not on their own copies import “gray”. You can also contact your preferred service provider directly:

Top 3 Galaxy S21 FE Deals with Subscription