May 31, 2024

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Hermann Brusselmans admits: “I did it with a naked BV” – Sneaking

Hermann Brusselmans admits: “I did it with a naked BV” – Sneaking

Two weeks ago, Hermann Brusselmans appeared again on a football programme. In extra time, the writer/author joined the table, among others, Philip Goss, eliciting mixed reactions. These are also likely to come after a notable influx.

“They're just…”

As always, Brusselmans was a foul mouther in overtime. For example, he immediately criticized football players, “most of them are just idiots,” he said without nuance.

But many people appreciate Brussels' duality: on the one hand, he often has a powerful punch, and on the other hand, he also has a high cuddle factor, which means that many people find the man very sympathetic.

“Masturbate with her in mind”

In the weekly magazine Homo Brusselmans has a regular column in which he has given a very impressive gush about BV. Well, actually those were three promises he once made to himself.

The Brusselmans opened sharply. “First: I will never masturbate with a naked Margaret Hermans on my mind. Second: I will never vote for the Communist Party. Third: I will never ride a cargo bike.” Although this last promise in particular seems like he won't keep it anymore. “Necessity violates the law. That's why it's very possible that my fans and many others will soon be watching me cruising downtown on a massive cargo bike, with Roman screaming for joy in the box.” Something to look forward to without a doubt!

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