May 31, 2024

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Very positive reviews for new HBO series with Robert Downey Jr.: 'It's rarely good'

Very positive reviews for new HBO series with Robert Downey Jr.: 'It's rarely good'

Top critics are very impressed with the new HBO series starring Robert Downey Jr.

Recently, more and more series based on a well-received book have been released. Sympathizer That completes the list, but is the new miniseries as good as the book? Top critics offer their candid opinions.

In 2015, Viet Thanh Nguyen released the book Sympathizer Outside. A year later, the book had already won 7 prizes, including the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. And here the success stopped Sympathizer but no.


A24 and Rhombus Media co-produced the miniseries. Sympathizer It follows a North Vietnamese spy who infiltrates the South Vietnamese army. After the war in Vietnam he had to flee to the United States.

While reporting, he should try to keep his identity confidential. All this while struggling for his new life. The miniseries was rewarded with an impressive score of 89%. Rotten tomatoes.


According to prominent critic Craig Matheson of The Age (Australia). Sympathizer Aims to “to enjoy slowly”. Nandini Palial of Robert agrees with Matheson. Furthermore, they both feel that the first three episodes of the series “Rarely good level” We are.

Senior critic Randy Myers of the San Jose Mercury News wrote: “The empath […] He is fearless when it comes to tackling uncomfortable topics. “The series is smart and wonderful.”


Have you become curious about… Sympathizer? You can stream the miniseries starting April 15, 2024 HBO Max.

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