June 13, 2024

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Hero creator Hayen provides an update for the future

Hero creator Hayen provides an update for the future

Could the interim coach have done a better job in Belgium? Nicky Hain took over in mid-March after Ronnie Deila was dismissed at a time when no one actually expected anything from Club Brugge. The 43-year-old has managed to completely turn things around and on Sunday capped off his comeback.

Hine had previously led the club to a historic semi-final in the Conference League, where Fiorentina were very strong. Now there was also the national title, because thanks to the 0-0 win over Cercle Brugge, the champagne could have been sparkling. Hein was forced to watch the match in the catacombs due to his suspension, but was allowed to join the celebrations on the pitch afterwards.

Klopp and Hayne are quickly on the table

Naturally, there was one question standing out on everyone’s lips: What does Hein’s future look like? He and Bart Verhaeghe have consistently refused in recent weeks to give any hint as to whether or not they will continue together after the season. But now it seems that clarity will come soon.

“We will sit around the table on Monday or Tuesday,” Hein said. The newspaper. “This has always been agreed upon. It will probably happen in the best of circumstances. But nothing has been said yet.”

Hayne doesn’t want to talk much about the position

Heine did not want to say more about this matter. “I want to talk about my position as little as possible. The players are the ones who did that. They deserve all the praise. With our staff we have always prepared them as best as possible,” he said.

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In the coming days they are likely to make a final decision as coach at the club. However, after the developments that have occurred over the past two months, it seems that it is difficult for them to ignore Hein anymore. The former coach of the NXT club showed that he works excellently in the club’s structure and left an excellent impression on the players and the press.