February 5, 2023

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Hilo residents will get their passports "from the library" from next year

Hilo residents will get their passports “from the library” from next year

From 2023, Heiloo residents will have to collect their passport and driver’s license at a new location and advertise their newborns. The town hall moves into the former Rabobank building in Stationsweg, next to the library. The current town hall is still a municipal monument.

According to the municipality, accommodations in Raadhuisplein no longer correspond to the current way of working. The administrative center is old and there is not enough meeting space. It is also “very noisy and not well isolated”.

Since it would require a significant investment to renovate the building and “sustainably enter the future”, a different location was sought for the council, municipal executive, service offices and social team. Found in the Rabobank Building: “This building is centrally located in Heiloo, meets sustainability requirements and is located in the same building as the Library.”

Cooperation with the library

Mayor Mascha ten Bruggencate is pleased with the choice: “We will be neighbors to the library and we are very happy about that,” she says. According to her, contact with the library ensures that they can “optimally use the space” and “new opportunities for our services appear.”

The library is also looking forward to working with the municipality. “We offer language lessons, help residents become digitally savvy and become an increasingly social learning library,” says Principal Dele Van Impel. “With the municipality as new neighbours, we can look at how we can connect and enhance our services.”

In use in 2023

The plan is to renovate the new site with the library this summer or fall. “The goal is to start using the new site in 2023,” the municipality says.

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Dividing options for the old town hall are being investigated this year: “The villa, the old town hall, is and remains a town hall monument and will also retain this status.”