June 9, 2023

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Hispanic influencer eating spaghetti with his own cartilage: ‘No superpowers’ | strange

Paola Juno, 30, a famous Spanish influencer, announced on a podcast last week that she stuck part of her knee in spaghetti bolognese and then ate it. During knee surgery, the surgeon removed the juno meniscus, which is a disc of cartilage. She was also allowed to take it home afterwards, where it ended up in a plate of noodles. “I wanted to put him back in his place,” said the influencer.

And why not? thought the Spanish influencer when she came up with the idea of ​​eating her meniscus after surgery.

I got this meniscus after knee surgery. And even though the cartilage had just been removed from her body, she wanted to “put it back in”. “What better way than a nice spaghetti bolognese,” she must have thought. Gono came up with the idea during a conversation with her partner at the time. “He is mine,” she told him, “and I must return him to my body.”

Meniscus injured

Without hesitation, she carried out her plan. I made the bolognese sauce, added the crescent moon, and ate it. Spaghetti was delicious. And according to Juno, the meniscus “didn’t change the taste.” I was soon asked if anyone else had tasted the dish as well. “Just Coco (Juno’s dog, ed.),” Spaniard joked first before quickly clarifying that wasn’t the case.

Gono, who has 2 million followers on Instagram and nearly a million and a half subscribers on YouTube, delved into her crazy story on an episode of the Spanish podcast ‘Club 133’ after her first. Tik Tok made about. She captioned the video: “I didn’t get any superpowers from it.” In her own words, she also doesn’t see why it’s strange that she ate her own meniscus, because “we also eat those kinds of body parts of worse animals”, apparently.

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