July 22, 2024

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HMD has to stop selling most Nokia smartphones due to lawsuits – tablets and phones – news

HMD Global sells only two Nokia smartphones in Germany and Switzerland due to multiple patent lawsuits. Other markets appear to have been affected; All smartphones from 2021 or earlier are flagged as “not available” in European Nokia web stores.

Finland’s HMD Global is currently a defendant in several lawsuits involving the Enhanced Voice Service voice standard. The company will not have a patent for the technology in question, if Details of German ComputerBild† The American VoiceAgeEVS LLC is the plaintiff in the lawsuits because the company claims to own the patents on the EVS.

In the German And the Swiss HMD Globals Nokia web store at the time of writing only Already released Nokia G21 And the upcoming Nokia G11 is visible. Other markets also appear to be affected by the ongoing lawsuits between HMD Global and VoiceAgeEVS LLC. In the Dutch web store For example, HDM offers over a dozen different Nokia smartphones, but only the G21 is actually available. The product page for the G11 mentions a defective page at the time of writing, possibly because this device will only be released in the spring. All other smartphones will be unavailable. The same applies to Nokia’s French, Spanish and Italian web stores, among others.

HMD has confirmed that EVS-enabled devices no longer exist May be sold in Germany. In a statement, the company said it was “disappointed with the fulfillment of the requests that VoiceAge made in December.” Last December, a sales ban requested by that company was granted, banning the sale of Nokia smartphones with EVS support. according to Screenshots from the Wayback Machine All the smartphones visible in the online store were on sale until the beginning of this month. The brand has not provided any clarification yet on the impact of the lawsuits on other markets.

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Previously, VoiceAgeEVS LLC sued other major tech companies for using EVS technology without licensing or permission to use their patents. Apple, Lenovo and TCL, among others, were brought to court and in the meantime reached a settlement with the company.