May 21, 2024

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Hordies looks back with relief at the first games: 'Gives extra impetus to Paris 2024' |  Games for people with special needs

Hordies looks back with relief at the first games: ‘Gives extra impetus to Paris 2024’ | Games for people with special needs

The day after his bronze medal in the time trial, Maxime Hordies (H1) was unable to win a new medal. The Belgian biker never made an appearance in the section during a road race (with H2 riders as well). The crowd, like 3 other H1 athletes, doubled and couldn’t finish the race at Fuji Speedway.

Even before the starting signal was given, it was already clear that a new medal would be tough for Maxime Hordies. Both athletes from H1 and
The H2 class came at the start of the same race.

The road race had only lasted a few minutes when Florian Juan (H2) decided to go out on his own. The Frenchman quickly got a great bonus and put his nearest runners up in a minute after one lap.

The high humidity made the competition very difficult for the participants. Halfway through, two athletes already threw in the towel. That wasn’t the case for Hurdez, who kept fighting for what he deserved at the back of the race but ended up doubling down anyway.

Meanwhile, Jouanny has turned it into a lead single. The Frenchman came out to victory and held his lead for 4 minutes at the end.

Despite the lesser road race, Hurdy’s can look back with satisfaction at his Paralympic Games with a bronze medal.

Hordes: “I hope for Paris 2024 a separate stage”

Handbiker Maxime Hordies (H1) finished sixth today, but wasn’t particularly happy with the race composition after that. Both the H1 and H2 athletes started on the Fuji Speedway.

“That we have to ride here today with the H2 riders, while there was a separate experience for the H1 riders yesterday, is unbelievable,” Hurdis said.

The organization did not allow the Hordies and the other H1 riders to finish because they were too late. “The organization didn’t let us finish, it’s unbelievable,” the crowd continued, disappointed.

These Paralympics provide extra impetus for Paris 2024.

Maxim Hordes

“At the moment we can’t do much. But I hope that will change for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. During the normal race there is a separate stage in H1. Why wouldn’t he be here?”

“Yesterday there was a separate podium in trial time, today no. That’s weird. I know Team Belgium will do everything they can to change this for the Games in Paris in three years.”

However, Hordies looked back in relief at his first games with a bronze medal in his pocket. “I did well in the time test yesterday, but my opponents were also strong. I took the bronze with my ability.”

“I’m happy with that at my first Paralympic Games. It wasn’t gold, but it’s beautiful too. It gives me extra motivation for the Paralympics.”

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