May 26, 2024

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LIVESTREAM RETURN: Bernal in Roglic Treaken Fire Lagos de Covadonga |  Spain tour 2021

LIVESTREAM RETURN: Bernal in Roglic Treaken Fire Lagos de Covadonga | Spain tour 2021

    1. Primo Roglic (SLO)
    2. Egan Bernal (COLE)
    Leading group

    1. Primo Roglic (SLO)
    2. Egan Bernal (COLE)


    1. Sergio Hino (COLE)
    2. Simon Petelli (ITA)
    3. Strange Christian Ecking (No)
    chest 1

    1. Sergio Hino (COLE)
    2. Simon Petelli (ITA)
    3. Strange Christian Ecking (No)
    1. Fabio Jacobsen (Ned)
    chest 2

    1. Fabio Jacobsen (Ned)

Masks are falling today not only in our schools, but also in the Tour of Spain. The seventeenth stage takes the peloton to Lagos de Covadonga, a classic Vuelta ale in Asturias. On the final erratic climb, the red jersey is on the line. Watch the Climbing Festival from 3.30pm on One and live.

Watch the Vuelta:

  1. 4 07. At the time, Lagos de Covadonga was compared to the Alpes de Huys, but this Asturias climb has grown its own legend. The column is also a milestone in the history of the Vuelta a España: in April 1983, in the theater to Lagos de Covadonga, the closing hour was shown in full on television in Spain and abroad for the first time. It was a relief at the time, because the Vuelta’s prestige had collapsed at that time. .
  2. 4 p.m. It’s a shame Bernal didn’t have these legs at the start of the Vuelta. . Jose Dekoere.
  3. 16:30 You usually get small differences on that regular Vuelta shaft, but that’s completely different now because of the developments in the last 30 kilometres. More hammer blows will be delivered. .
  4. 16 hours 03. Another 34 kilometers and now we’re in real good shape in the valley, the final climb begins 12.5 kilometers from the white line. With an average of 6.9 percent, Lagos de Covadonga doesn’t look like much, but the unexpected nature of the climb determines the difficulty. Parts that are too heavy, especially at the end, are interchanged with a sunken or flat part. & nbsp; It’s clearly not a sprint enemy, but it would be a matter of timing. If you overestimate yourself or underestimate climbing, you will hit a wall. .
  5. 1’44”. If Bernal doesn’t meet the man with the hammer later, he’ll jump to the podium. The group gap with Mass, Lopez, Haig, Martin, Groschartner, Koss, Kreuzvik, Bols, Mader & Co. continues to increase. & nbsp; .15 x 59.
  6. 15 hours 57. One didn’t ride the Tour, the other only half. This factor was expected to play a role in the closing week. Michelle Waits.
  7. 15:55. Movistar is the biggest loser today at the moment. Lopez tried to follow Bernal and Roglic, but that was just a hoax. Was it a tactical wait-and-see situation or was he unable to do better? “If you can, just jump in with it.” Judge Jose de Coeur. .
  8. 15 hours 51. 43 kilometers to go. We are now gradually reaching the slopes of the slope. The chrono continues to increase until about a minute and a half. For a good understanding: In the ranking, Roglic has a margin of 2’45” above Bernal.
  9. 15 hours 48. Pairing time trial. Our suspended partner’s fears are unfounded: Roglic shows Bernal behind him and he begins to cooperate. With a lead of 1’14” we are slowly moving towards a two-legged encounter in Lagos.
  10. 15:47 How did Roglic’s behavior in the valley develop so quickly? “If he doesn’t cooperate, Bernal will have to stop driving,” José de Coeur analyzes. “Otherwise you will get stuck if you drive with him 30 km towards Lagos?” .
  11. Fall of Eiking! The Norwegian Red Vikings had not completely surrendered after his death and were not shy about the dangers of immersion. It slips on the place where Vlasov fell hard due to the soapy water. & nbsp; . 15 hours 47.
  12. 15 hours 47. Leader Ekeng slips into the descent, as Vlasov falls and remains.

    Commander Ekeng slips into the descent, as Vlasov falls and remains

  13. Kopduo continues to walk away. The detente between the Colombian and the Slovenian is paying off, even if only Bernal is setting the stage. The set with diamonds and Totti Quanti behind: 1’02”. 15h45.
  14. 15 Q44. I see more cramping in Roglic’s position. Michelle Waits.
  15. 15 hours 41. Chasers want to nibble, but there are restrictions due to the rain. Poels is also straight forward for a while even though his steering wheel should be pointing to the right. & nbsp; .
  16. 15h 40. Dangerous! All muscle groups are under stress in this wet slope. Roglic follows Bernal’s lines almost blindly, but proves he’s the best pilot when the Colombian drifts. & nbsp; .
  17. 15 hours 37. Roglic can go down in a game, but he also dares to overestimate himself. He already proved it at the Vuelta with an accident. Bernal also knows what lines to choose. Who is pressing whom? .
  18. Colada Lumina (2). Another 56 kilometers and Bernal reaches the summit. Are you going down now with your buttocks closed? The group including Martin, Mass, Lopez, Haig and Kos recorded 42 seconds. . 15 hours 36.
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