May 28, 2024

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How AI enables new, connected lifestyles – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

How AI enables new, connected lifestyles – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

Samsung will showcase its 2024 AI-powered product lineup at Samsung World

Samsung will organize “Samsung World” in Germany starting Tuesday, February 20. Through this event, the company wants to showcase its latest products in the field of TV, audio, mobile phone, smart home and digital kitchen appliances.

At Samsung, we innovate to help our customers live simpler, more connected lives.says Benjamin Brown, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe. “From our first AI smartphone and QLED TVs to refrigerators that use AI to monitor food and manage shopping lists, our products come to life through the power of SmartThings and AI innovations. At Samsung World, we're celebrating the advent of artificial intelligence – and how it's having a real impact on our lives, now and in the future.

During Samsung World, not only will Samsung's latest devices be on display, but media and partners can also experience how these devices use AI to make life less complicated and better connected. At the event, Samsung will share its “AI for All” vision, which outlines how AI technology will make our devices more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.

A new era of mobile AI makes life easier

the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ And Galaxy S24 It was revealed last month during Galaxy Unpacked. These innovative devices make all kinds of new mobile experiences possible with Galaxy artificial intelligence. During Samsung World, visitors can experience how AI is impacting almost every interaction on the web The Galaxy S24 series has been enhanced.

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The live translation service enables real-time voice and text translation of telephone conversations. This allows users, for example, to easily update hotel reservations and reserve a table in a restaurant while planning a vacation abroad. Moreover, they can easily communicate with locals, even if they do not speak the language.

The new Note Assist tool in Samsung Notes helps you create AI-generated meeting summaries or create formats so your notes stay organized and organized.

The Galaxy S24 series also represents a milestone in the history of search: it is the first phone to feature the intuitive search circle with Google. By long pressing the Home button, users can circle, highlight or tap items on the Galaxy S24 screen to get more information. This also makes online shopping much easier: when someone sees a beautiful sweater on social media, the image can be identified and the user is taken directly to the product page.

the new Galaxy Book4 serieswhich includes the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Book4 Pro and Book4 Pro 360, is Samsung's smartest PC lineup yet.

How the latest TV and audio innovations are redefining home entertainment

“The World of Samsung” highlights the TV and audio offerings of 2024, including 2024 Neo QLED 8K TVs and MICRO LED innovations.

With Samsung's most innovative and fast processor yet, the NQ8 AI Gen 3, smart 2024 New QLED 8K Unparalleled image quality. The Gen3 processor features an on-device AI engine (NPU) that is twice as fast as the previous Gen2 processor, and is Samsung's fastest processor yet. This results in fantastic image quality that makes content more realistic than ever before. For sports fans, AI Motion Enhancer Pro solves common problems with HD match streaming by reducing ball distortion. It automatically detects the sport in question and applies the appropriate ball detection model using AI deep learning technology.

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The latest innovations in the field Transparent micro LED It will be showcased during Samsung World. This new technology not only enables realistic image quality, but also integrates with future transparent display technologies. Additionally, Samsung's transparent MICRO LED display delivers unprecedented brightness, an innovative borderless design, and unparalleled transparency.

Samsung's new lifestyle TV products will also be showcased during the event. Musical frame It is a customizable and versatile speaker that integrates seamlessly with SmartThings. It works as a standalone wireless soundbar or can be linked to a Samsung TV and soundbar via Q-Symphony for more surround sound capabilities and deeper bass. The music frame blends into its surroundings and resembles a photo frame, while at the same time providing a rich surround sound experience.

Upgrading the connected home with AI-powered devices

Custom Samsung devices, with improved connectivity and AI integration, will also be on display during “Samsung World.” Sleek design and the latest AI capabilities provide a functional extension to the modern home.

the new Family Hub Refrigerator[1] Features include AI Vision Inside, which uses an internal camera and “Vision AI” technology. This automatically creates and updates the list of foods in your refrigerator by identifying food items as they enter and leave the refrigerator.

Other devices in the BESPOKE range also use the latest advances in artificial intelligence. Thanks to the new circulation pump and AI improvements to the software, the new A washing machine dedicated to artificial intelligence now 40%[2] More economical compared to the minimum energy efficiency class A (W11DB8* 8000 series 11KG model is 32 kWh, minimum is 53.1 kWh). The AI ​​Wash function uses five different sensors to intelligently optimize washing performance for each load. the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ Thanks to AI-enhanced object recognition technology, you can drive with greater precision than ever before and recognize many more objects. Using AI Floor Detect, it can detect different surfaces and adjust the cleaning power required (just like the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaner).

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To learn more about Samsung's full range of enhanced AI products, visit:

[1] Not available in Belgium.

[2] Based on internal Samsung testing, applicable models in the WW8000D series are 40% more efficient than required to achieve the Class A energy efficiency limit under Regulation (EU) 2014/2019.