April 17, 2024

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Hunter Douglas wins the 2024 R+T Innovation Award

Hunter Douglas wins the 2024 R+T Innovation Award

The Aura Illuminated Shade is a secondary light source that diffuses soft natural light through the windows. This extends the daylight and enriches the ambiance with personalized experiences when it comes to the type of lighting. According to the designers, it is “seamlessly integrated with PowerView Gen 3 Automation and combines cutting-edge technology with dynamic design.”

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The makers of Aura Illuminated Shades aim to breathe new life into indoor sun protection through the dynamic interplay of light and design. These curtains offer a three-in-one solution: they combine a front curtain, a blackout lining and an advanced lighting function. Users can create ambiance tailored to their personal taste by adjusting both the color shade and brightness of the light. Aura Luminous shades contain fabrics from different collections, offering a rich selection of textures and neutral color palettes. The product's lumen count determines the intensity of the light, from bright to dim. This allows users to adjust different brightness levels for different occasions. The streetscape of illuminated curtains creates a “captivating halo effect that adds sophistication to any room.”

“Winning the R+T Innovation Award is a hugely proud moment for us. With Aura Illuminated Shades, we combine premium design with advanced technology, allowing you to experience indoor sun protection in a whole new way,” says Nick Lansbergen, Director of Drives and Controls at Hunter Douglas: “We can't wait to bring this innovative touch to homes and create spaces that truly reflect your individual style and mood.” Marketing Tribune.

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What Aura says makes it truly groundbreaking is its PowerView Gen 3 Automation integration. The PowerView app offers unparalleled settings, allowing users to not only control the position of the sun shades, but also adjust the lighting. The system allows users to create different atmospheres, such as a quiet morning with soft light or the extended daylight of a winter evening. “Pre-programmed settings ensure automatic adjustments to curtains and lighting, to suit your daily routine.”

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Celebrating excellence at R+T 2024
The R+T Innovation Award underscores Hunter Douglas' commitment to cutting-edge solutions, with Aura Illuminated Shades winning the Silver Award for Interior Shading Systems. Meanwhile, the nomination of our hybrid concept – a system that allows both manual and automated operation – at R+T 2024 reflects our continued pursuit of future-oriented design and cutting-edge technology. This recognition builds on our achievements in previous years, with Hunter Douglas receiving three R+T Innovation Awards, including awards for its sustainable GreenScreen Sea-Tex fabric and Luxaflex Pirouette solar shades.

Hunter Douglas invites attendees to experience the future of sun protection systems for themselves at booth 7B32 at R+T in Stuttgart, Germany, running until February 23, 2024.

About Hunter Douglas
'Hunter Douglas is the global market leader in window coverings (Luxaflex®) and a major manufacturer of architectural products. The company's head office is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and the administration office is in Lucerne, Switzerland. The group consists of 136 companies with 47 production facilities and 89 assembly facilities in more than 100 countries. Hunter Douglas employs approximately 23,000 people and generated revenue of $3.4 billion in the first nine months of 2021. Hunter Douglas common stock is traded on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam and the Frankfurter Stock Exchange.

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