May 27, 2024

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How Marvel Move and other apps are helping you exercise this year

How Marvel Move and other apps are helping you exercise this year

Not only will Apple get you in shape this year with its Sports app, but Marvel superheroes are also doing their part with Marvel Move. Another Niantic game is about to come out.

Read on after the announcement.

How the iPhone is helping you move this year

Is smartphone addiction bad for you? Not if you use the device for sports. Many apps will be launched this year that will help you get moving.

Running with superheroes

Marvel superheroes primarily appear in comic books, movies, series, and games, and as such don’t exactly advocate physical activity. That’s about to change with the upcoming Marvel Move, from the makers of the hit Zombies app, Run!

Like a zombie, run! Marvel Move becomes an app that motivates you to run in a fun way. Voiceover narration transports you to the Marvel universe. There are stories featuring the X-men, Daredevil, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, and the Scarlet Witch, among others. Thor and Loki help you train up to a 5K run in one go, with 24 separate eight-week workouts.

The voices were not voiced by the film’s actors, so unfortunately you don’t have Chris Hemsworth in your ears to motivate you. You need the Centr app for that. Marvel Move will be released this summer.

New from Niantic: Monster Hunter NOW

Niantic is also trying again. The gaming company hasn’t achieved much buzz since the success of Pokémon GO, but it keeps trying. Previously with Harry Potter, Transformers and Pikmin and now it’s the turn of the Monster Hunter series of games.

Monster Hunter is a giant game series mainly in Japan, but also gaining more and more fans in the West. In this series you fight giant monsters. The idea of ​​Monster Hunter Now is that these monsters end up in the real world.

The interesting thing about this game is that it seems to be more about combat than previous Niantic titles, but of course you still have to get out and about. So move! Monster Hunter will now be available from September.

Monster Hunter Now - Teaser Trailer |  Available September 2023

Apple Fitness Plus in the Netherlands

In addition to Marvel Move and Monster Hunter Now, there’s a good chance we’ll finally get access to Apple Fitness Plus in the Netherlands later this year. With this app, you can follow all kinds of workouts via your iPhone or Apple TV.

With the app, you get twelve different types of exercises to choose from. For example, kickboxing and cycling to work up a sweat, or yoga and meditation to relax.

The great thing about Apple Fitness Plus is that you get clear video with clear instructions for each exercise. This makes it very accessible.

It already works with your iPhone

Of course, you don’t have to wait for these apps to roll over. There are actually a lot of options available for your iPhone. We list four home fitness apps. We’ll also tell you more about other types of games that combine sports with fun, including the aforementioned Zombies, Run!.

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