September 22, 2023

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How to Respond to a Call From Northstar Location Services

Suddenly, you’re getting slammed by calls from some Northstar Location Services, which sounds more like a navigation system than what it is – a debt collector, and a rather notorious one at that, considering some of its business tactics. Maybe you know why a debt collector is phoning and writing you, or maybe you don’t. Here’s how to respond to a call from Northstar Location Services, and more.

What is a Debt Collector?

It’s a company lenders or creditors use to recover funds that are delinquent or in default. These agencies are dispatched when the original creditor has failed to collect an outstanding debt.

Can You Tell Me More About Northstar Location Services?

It’s a 20-year-old, third-generation, New York-based collection agency that has an annual revenue about around $66 million, which it attributes in part to the fact that its execs have an average of 30 years under their belts in the collection industry. It also prides itself on being able to use technology extensively to track debtors, or alleged debtors, down. 

Speaking of which, Northstar is known its aggressive and persistent, sometimes scorched-earth practices. In fact, the agency was recently put on alert by the Better Business Bureau because of complaints such as these:

  • From 12/31/20: “This company has called me every day for over a year. I have no debt at all. I have zero outstanding debt. I asked them to stop calling me, but they call me every single day.”
  • From 11/4/20: “I do believe that this firm should be cited, fined or penalized for the emotional anxiety and pain they have caused me. When I spoke to them about their error, I was called a liar. When I attempted to explain their error, they verbally abused me.” 
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Want to know what else people are saying? Check out northstar location services reviews.

Who are Northstar’s Clients?

The agency’s especially known for collecting on student loan debts, but Northstar also goes to work for industries including utility, automotive, communications, insurance, financial, travel, education, retail, and mortgage. Does that include your credit card debt? Yep. It sure does.

What Are My Rights?

Collection agencies including Northstar have rules they must follow, although at times they don’t. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they’re prohibited from phoning you before 8 a.m., for instance, or after 9 p.m. And if you’ve told them your boss doesn’t like them calling the job, they must cease doing so.

These agencies also may not tell anyone that you owe money or lie at any point about the amount you owe. In addition, they can’t use abusive or threatening language, or deceit. For instance, they can’t claim you’ll be taken to jail if you don’t pony up.

What Do I Say to Northstar?

If you say nothing else, tell the company to verify the debt. The account may not even belong to you; the agency may be looking for someone else. Or the debt could have incorrect info or be too old to require payment. Find out what the statute of limitations is in your state for credit card debt. In any case, you’ve got 30 days from when you’ve heard from the agency to seek validation.

Should I Try to Settle My Debt?

If Northstar validates the debt, then you might want to try to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. If you’re not comfortable with that and would rather a pro handle it, Freedom Debt Relief is a credible agency amid a field with a few bad apples.

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Now you know how to respond to a call from Northstar Location Services. Don’t panic and don’t freak out. Because you know your rights as well as your options, you can now take better control of your financial situation.