June 17, 2024

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How to turn on dark theme in Google search

How to turn on dark theme in Google search

Google has added a dark mode to the desktop version of its search engine. It took half a year of testing, but now the ability is officially rolling out. It is related to the Google search engine in desktop browsers.

Set up dark mode on Google

it has been a long time to speakBut now the dark theme of Google Search is finally here. Not only does it work on Google’s Chrome desktop browser, but it also works on other browsers, Google announced in a filing. Blog post. So it’s just a dark mode for the search engine and not for the entire browser. You have this too windows employment Android, but this is different. This gives the entire interface a gray color.

The feature has been announced and rolling out in the US for quite some time, but now we’re seeing the feature finally show up in our search engine. Although it doesn’t seem to be working properly yet. Usually there are many options to choose from for themes google browser: You can choose dark mode, light mode, or theme that changes with system settings. The latter means that when your browser is set to dark mode, Google search will follow you. If you change that to light mode in the browser, the search engine will change as well.

dark search results

This is how it should work, but for now we only see a menu option that allows you to switch between light and dark. We also get an error message from Google every time we choose a different theme, but when we visit the Google homepage after that, the theme is still fine-tuned. Moreover, in addition to that, you do not have any other issues with the dark theme.

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This is how you prepare it

If you also want to use this dark mode in the desktop version of Google Search, you can arrange that as follows:

  • Enter a Google search of your choice and press Enters
  • At the top right of the search results, click gear sign
  • Choose Dark theme: off
  • You may now receive this error message, but if all goes well, you should still see dark tones
How to turn on dark theme in Google search
Menu to turn dark theme on or off

Social media is increasingly dark

Dark mode is also coming to more and more social media apps, as it is less taxing on the phone battery and at the same time less stressful for your eyes. Want to know how to set dark mode on Facebook? then read ‘Facebook Dark Mode: How to set up dark mode“.

Finally, Androidworld also has a dark mode of course. You can read all about it in our article about Dark desktop and mobile version from our platform.