March 4, 2024

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Users should be able to delete accounts in iOS and Mac apps from February – Computer – News

No, it no longer works that way. We actually had to mess around with this unwanted Apple build a few years ago but it didn’t work but it was simply unusable and it was very unrealistic for companies to run such a thing so we gave it up, also on Apple advice itself. We spent weeks on the phone with them until we got an exception to the rule just because what we were doing hadn’t happened before. Soon, the rules changed. Our app actually bridges that annoying space between enterprise and SMB apps, so both solutions weren’t perfect, but especially Apple’s own solution wasn’t. The application should be freely available. This also caused issues with the app blocking unauthorized users, when in reality that wasn’t allowed in the App Store without free functionality. We’ve also received a “vindication” of this, regarding how our app works and how it connects to our enterprise (non-app) environment.

Plus, Apple has completely changed that now (big improvements, by the way). You still have the custom certificate (download the app internally via your link, outside the App Store), but our app is not custom. It should be immediately available to the end user and the enterprise level gives them access again. The application can connect to several companies at the enterprise level at the same time as subcontractors can work with different contractors. Therefore, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store on and with exceptions from Apple’s advice, further confirming that our use case is not completely “beyond the standards”. These same companies don’t feel like running things at all. That was a real drama a few years ago. I don’t know if this is still the case @friten, but at that time people still had to physically connect their iPhones/IPads to see their unique ID via a tool, register it with an (often impersonal) Apple ID, pass it on to their employer, and then the employer back to the organization working with our organization side , so they can then grant access to download the app to those people. Often all of this includes some kind of “cache” related to the business app store, so that it can take up to 24 hours before they are finally able to download the app. In addition, they also had to register with the Business App Store (every employee). I don’t remember what it was called… VVP or something like that? As far as I know, they are now arranged differently.

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