June 9, 2023

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HP renews its range of laser printers for small and medium businesses and businesses

In addition to new devices within the LaserJet 4000 Series, the Color 5000 and 6000 Series are in the pipeline.

With new HP Terrajet toner, the printer manufacturer has an important innovation to make laser printers more energy efficient while at the same time ensuring a better color gamut. The technology debuted in a whole host of new devices.

For more compact devices, you can turn to the new HP Color LaserJet 4200 and 4300 printers. Both models benefit from new technology to use up to 27 percent less energy while recording print speeds up to 25 percent faster. The device comes with a smart dashboard for IT admins to easily view, monitor and manage all settings.

Where the rest of the range is noticeably colorful, you can only get the new 4000 series in blue. Prices rise to $700 for the higher-end model in the range.

5000 series

One step higher we find the new 5000 Series within the Enterprise range. The LaserJet 5700 Enterprise SFP is the base model and starts at $1,050. This model replaces the M554 and M555 and comes in a striking yellow color. Our supplied photos show a standard blue color, which is also available.

A little higher we find the HP LaserJet 5800 Enterprise MFP which, as the name suggests, has a scan / copy function and an additional paper tray. This device replaces the current M578 and is available in green, just like the standard blue.

Enterprise X and 6000 series

Moving on to larger machines with higher print volumes, the new HP LaserJet 6000 Series comes with a Laserjet 6700 Enterprise SFP as base model in stunning magenta with gradient color across the different paper trays. This model replaces the current M652 and M653.

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The top model brings us to the HP LaserJet 6800 Enterprise SFP with red or blue copy/scan functionality. The latter is the default color when placing an order. The model replaces the current M681 and M682.

Finally, HP has announced that it will be changing the names of contract devices this year managed unpleasant Enterprise X.