March 4, 2024

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Hyenas kill a man near the university in a suburb of Nairobi, and fear is growing among students |  outside

Hyenas kill a man near the university in a suburb of Nairobi, and fear is growing among students | outside

A man was killed last weekend in an attack by a group of hyenas near a university complex in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Two people were injured. Hundreds of students took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the lack of security around the university.

look. Kaji shows Lysian the place where hyenas attacked his cousin Antony Pasha

One of the injured was a student at the Kenya Multimedia University who was attacked by hyenas on the road adjacent to Nairobi National Park on his way home late Monday evening. The injured student, 21-year-old Kevin Mwendwa, lost his thumb in the attack and suffered injuries to his face. The man who tried to save him was also seriously injured. They are both receiving treatment in hospital.

The Kenya Wildlife Service said on Tuesday that the team that came to investigate the scene of the attack later found parts of the body of a third victim. He did not survive the attack. It will be Anthony Pasha. According to his relatives, he was there to collect firewood. “The hyena attacked him and then fled,” the victim’s cousin told the Associated Press news agency. “Look, his wood is still there.”

New guidelines

Hyena attacks have become increasingly common on the outskirts of Nairobi in recent years. Last month, 10-year-old Dennis Tia was attacked and killed in a field in Kiambu County, north of Nairobi. KWS then distributed new guidelines on how to respond when encountering animals.

“They are nocturnal animals, so do not walk the streets after dark. If you come face to face with a hyena, do not run away, but keep looking in its direction. “Be loud and aggressive, and try to look as scary as possible to scare the hyena away,” KWS advises. .

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The students are mainly demanding the government take action. Ochieng Kiva, a student who participated in the protests, said: “The university is unsafe because it is close to the national park.” “The government must restrict the freedom of movement of animals.”

By now, it was mainly angry students who were being expelled by the police. Because traffic was severely affected by the events, the police used tear gas to disperse the students and end the demonstration.