February 26, 2024

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End of speculation: Former Fox News anchor is already in Moscow to interview Putin |  outside

End of speculation: Former Fox News anchor is already in Moscow to interview Putin | outside

Tucker Carlson, former host of the US conservative news channel Fox News, has arrived in Moscow for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He reported this in a video on “X” (formerly Twitter). The former broadcaster will be the first Western journalist to speak to Putin since Russia's invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago.


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In a video clip lasting more than four and a half minutes, the former broadcaster explains why he wants to talk to Putin. According to Tucker, Americans remain stupid about the “war in Ukraine” and the consequences the conflict is having on the rest of the world.

He believes that Western media is largely responsible for the lack of knowledge among the English-speaking public, because “corrupt news organizations” are said to “lie.” They will do this essentially by deleting information and presenting only the Ukrainian perspective on the conflict.

Freedom of the press

However, Carlson himself ignores that the presence of independent journalists in Russian work has become virtually impossible because of the Kremlin. Two of the few American journalists left in Russia are now in prison because they tried to do their job despite all the challenges: Ivan Gershkovich of the daily Wall Street Journal and Alsu Kurmasheva of Radio Free Europe.

According to Tucker, “most of the world knows” that the war in Ukraine “changed the global military order” and that it “defines” future generations. However, the former broadcaster did not provide evidence for his claims in the video. Nor when, in the same video, he accused the US government of trying to sabotage Carlson's previous attempts to interview the Russian head of state. Carlson says he paid for the trip to Russia himself.

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The conversation with Putin will be shown on Carlson's own website “Tucker Carlson Network” and will also be published on X. He says that he received a pledge there from owner Elon Musk that the video will not be censored.

Carlson is one of the most famous and controversial media figures in the United States. The conservative host was a pro-Trump commentator on Fox News and managed to attract a large audience. The popular host also received a lot of criticism for spreading conspiracy theories and racism, among other things.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. / American television presenter Tucker Carlson. © AFP/Tucker Carlson/X