February 21, 2024

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I heard in 90 Minutes: "Will Eden Hazard stay the man or should you put de Kettler there?"  |  Red Devils

I heard in 90 Minutes: “Will Eden Hazard stay the man or should you put de Kettler there?” | Red Devils

The Red Devils’ defeats against France and Italy in the Nations League Final Four provide plenty of discussion, also in our 90 Minutes and De Tribune podcasts. What do the Red Devils do when they lose the ball?

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The Nations League clearly revealed some pain points for the Red Devils. Philip Goss in particular found future pressure and pace to be a problem. “This remains the problem of the Red Devils,” Joss says in 90 Minutes.

“If you look at the matches of Spain, France and Italy, these are the Duracell rabbits on the field: the pressure is spread all over the field. The Red Devils thrive best at a slow pace while modern football is about high tempo.”

“In the World Cup in Qatar, the last trick of that golden generation – and it really is – you have to do something about it. What do we do when we lose the ball? That is our big problem and we can still make big strides there.”

“I saw a glint of improvement in the match against Italy, including the Saelemaekers, who are applying pressure. In losing the ball, Lukaku does 10 times less work than he did at Inter. That means that this is not required and you have to do it..”

“Sometimes it crashes a little bit, and it rusts in your own system”

“There were very few Red Devils at the level and players who were in good shape didn’t stand a chance,” Sam Kerkhoffs commented within the 90 minutes. Philip Goss agreed. “Can we mess with the sacred cows? Will Eden Hazard still be the man or should you put de Kettleri there?”

Gert Verheen wondered about this, too, at the De Tribune. “You take form and confidence from your club to the national team and you have to take that into account,” the analyst said.

“Martínez hasn’t done that much. He’s entitled to look at what the players have achieved with the national team, but then you look at the performances from a long time ago. Then I think of Charles de Kitlere, who plays on the cloud and with confidence.”

Why not play with Theate sometime. why not?

changed verheen

“Sometimes you get stuck a little bit, and it rusts in your own system. Then you have to bring in something new. New guys, one or two more, and it can be something else right away. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Why not play with Theate at a time? What. Why not?”

The game system is also covered in 90 minutes. “Martínez started with three defenders so that Hazard and De Bruyne wouldn’t get in each other’s way. Now that’s not necessary,” says Philip Goss.

“You can play again with fours in the back, no death penalty. Martinez is more conservative than Boris Johnson. You have to be flexible tactically.”

Philip Goss has a great show: “Call Conte”

Listen to the episode of The Tribune:

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