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iCulture wishes you Happy Holidays in 2022

iCulture wishes you Happy Holidays in 2022

in 2022 an Apple It has released quite a few products, with new arrivals like MacStudio and the Apple Watch Ultra. You can read all about it in our overview Apple products in 2022. file as stated HomePod mini to the Netherlands And there were more choices in terms of service providers Apple Watch 4G.

But 2022 was also the year of price increases: we started paying more in the supermarket, energy prices skyrocketed and an Apple He tried to offset rising production costs by sharply raising prices in all countries (except the United States). This was more evident in iPad Standard 2022that there in our review So you got a pretty good deal. Because even though we are fans of the Apple brand, Apple sometimes makes choices that we don’t fully agree with.

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What products will Apple launch in 2022? Is there something else coming? We widely share our predictions for new Apple products for the rest of 2022!

with but It was three events for Apple in 2022 Not a great year, but it was the first time Apple had once again flown a large group of people to Cupertino to watch keynote videos live. At the Peek Performance event in March, we got… MacStudiothe studio showthe iPad Air And slightly renewable iPhone SE to see. Then he followed WWDC With the M2 version of MacBook Air And the macbook proAlong with new software releases. And in September, we were able to join the Far Out event for New iPhonesAnd the Apple Watchmodels f AirPods Pro.

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Apple events are the highlights for Apple fan reviews every year, and we also held a number of events in 2022. In this article, you can watch them all again and you can vote for your favourite.

What stood out this year was that this year’s rumors weren’t dominated by anonymous YouTubers and rumor leakers with weird names. That was different two years ago… until Apple silenced them. The rumors now mainly came from authoritative journalists and analysts like Mark Gurman, Ross Young, and Ming-Chi Kuo.

For us (and hopefully for you too) a quieter period will begin in the near future: we will rest and recharge for the New Year, when there will be so much to experience again. Apple mixed reality glasses It may finally be revealed. And what is actually true about the rumors that in 2023 we will have a iPhone 15 Ultra to get?

It is enough to relax during the holidays
If you want to do something fun during the Christmas season, we have the latest episode of iCulture Podcast for you, with a look back at 2022. In fact, why not all year round iCulture podcast listen again? Because they are also very interesting then!

On top of that, we’ve posted overviews of Christmas movies of the last days, in case you want to forget about everything for a while:

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Christmas movie? You are in the right place with these Christmas movies!

Do you like to watch a movie with the family over Christmas, or would you rather just hang out on the couch with a movie on your own? These Christmas movies are for everyone!

In the coming days, we’ll also be posting our traditional annual show and help you do something fun (or something useful) during the days when a lot of people have a week off. For example, start mastering more smart home. Or do a digital one Board game for the whole family, without having to leave the house to buy the physical game. Or play a remote game with someone you can’t visit. Apple has a reason Share play outlet!

Enjoy the last days of the year!

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