July 21, 2024

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Tesla’s wireless charging mat can do what Apple couldn’t

Tesla’s wireless charging mat can do what Apple couldn’t

It’s been about five years since Apple introduced the AirPower charging mat. It will appear in stores in 2018. However, after many problems during development, production and testing, disappear AirPower quietly to its eternal hunting grounds, even before anyone working shows up in stores. Apple simply can’t pull it off.

Tesla wireless charging pad

Well, Tesla unveiled its “Wireless Charging Pad” last week Foot. It is capable of wirelessly charging three devices at the same time. However, it is not exactly useful. Tesla wants $300 for it. Customers (in the US) can already order it now. The first units are expected to be delivered in February.

The technology that Tesla uses in the wireless charging base is the same that the manufacturer chose for the Cybertruck. This platform, FreePower, is developed by Aira. The great advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t matter where the device is placed on the “mat”, it can be charged anywhere. This is unlike many other wireless charging accessories, where a tablet, smartphone, or other device must be placed in a specific location in order for wireless charging to activate.

Other cheaper alternatives

Where Apple failed, Tesla succeeded, and the electric vehicle manufacturer is certainly not alone. For example, Belkin has had a wireless charging accessory for some time that allows you to charge three (Apple) devices at the same time. Moreover, at 100 euros, it is much cheaper than Tesla’s “wireless charging pad”.