July 19, 2024

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Notepad Windows 11 gets tabs

Notepad Windows 11 gets tabs

A Microsoft employee accidentally announced a new feature for the Notepad app in Windows 11: tabs for organizing your notes.

It looks like Microsoft will be adding tabs to Notepad in Windows 11 with a future update. An employee of the program accidentally announced this to the public via Twitter.

He would have received a huge reprimand for that, because the screenshot wasn’t actually meant for the outside world. It didn’t take long for the post to be removed again, but that didn’t stop him Windows Central The rumor mill started.

Source: Microsoft (via Windows Central)

With tabs, you will be able to create multiple .txt files in Notepad. This allows you to create multiple notebooks, which helps organize your individual notes. You will be able to give each tab a separate name. Moreover, the update does not make any major changes to the Notepad layout.

Tabs in Windows

It is currently still a guess as to when Microsoft will make the feature official with an update. The feature may soon be available to the Windows Insider channel. Notepad will do this after File Explorer (Since the Windows 11 2022 Update) will be the next application that will offer tabs.

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This indicates that Microsoft wants to put the functionality of tabs into more applications. Tabs have been a recognizable sight in the Edge browser for several years now. Recently, you can also share tabs with colleagues in Edge Shared workspace to install it in the browser.

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