May 26, 2024

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If you thought Crocs couldn’t get any ‘uglier’, their latest release is based on this green monster  Nina

If you thought Crocs couldn’t get any ‘uglier’, their latest release is based on this green monster Nina

Things clearly couldn’t get crazy enough for the designers at Crocs. And after launching bright yellow cartoon shoes and a luminous version, the shoe brand now comes with a new design inspired by the well-known green monster. “swamp chic”, anyone?

In the distant past, Crocs shoes were described as “the ugliest shoes in the world,” but in recent years the brand has found real success. Their secret? Just shamelessly ignores elegance and love for aesthetics.

Now the brand is surprising again, and Shrek, the famous green movie monster, is part of it. On September 13, Crocs will release the Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs. In other words: Swamp Green Shrek Sandals. The reason is the fifth film about animated characters, which will be released soon. As usual, starring the voices of Mike Myers (Shrek), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona) and Eddie Murphy (Donkey).

A partner at your feet? This is what it looks like

The new Crocs are a light green color with light brown spots, just like Shrek’s skin after a day in his swamp. The brown straps are made of teddy fabric, as a nod to the animated character’s clothing. And the very best? You get the monster’s distinctive ears and thick, flat nose for free.

Crocs partner © Crocs

The bright yellow cartoon shoes from Crocs also became very popular thanks to this reality star

This isn’t the first time Crocs has made a statement. Earlier this year, the brand launched bright yellow “cartoon shoes” in collaboration with New York art collective MSCHF. After that, none other than reality TV star Paris Hilton became the face of the canary yellow shoes, whose price reached about 450 dollars or 406 euros. The collaboration caused a sensation. No one expected Paris, who is always keen on elegant clothes and elegant shoes, to wear flashy shoes.

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Good news for all Shrek fans by the way. Crocs shoes are available in adult, children’s and toddler versions. Adult sizes cost €55, and children’s and toddler versions cost €45 and €40. All sizes available starting September 13th available.

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