October 4, 2023

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‘Never before’: Asterix’s long-awaited new album leaks long before release |  The art and literature

‘Never before’: Asterix’s long-awaited new album leaks long before release | The art and literature

Cover of the 40th Asterix Comic Album White irisWhich was eagerly awaited by many comic book fans, was leaked more than a month and a half before its release. The printing staff of France is said to have committed this mortal sin. The publisher, Albert Rene, filed a report against them with the French police.

This was stated by Marek Timmermans, Dutch spokesperson for Albert Rene. “The comic will not be released until October 26. The appearance of the new Asterix is ​​important, especially in France, as it is the best-selling comic in the world. Only staff and a specific number of journalists are allowed to view the book before the publication date. Strict confidentiality agreements must be signed for this.

Employees of a French printing company clearly had no interest in secrecy: the front and back of it emerged on Thursday evening White iris On the sales site Vinted, where the comic was put up for sale illegally (for only 9 euros). Timmermans. “The publisher immediately contacted the police, who arrested the perpetrators today.”

The spokesman said that never in the history of Asterix comics had anything been previously leaked. The publisher has turned necessity into a virtue: today, Albert René shared the cover of the new comic album on Instagram and X, among others, generating a lot of free publicity in France. It is expected to sell five million copies White iris Two million were printed in the country. The comic will also be available in stores in Belgium on October 26th.

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Two characters are prominently depicted on the cover: Asterix on the right and a completely new character on the left, and there is now intense speculation about them in the French press. Of course, there is also Obelix and Idefix the dog, both of whom can be seen in the background. The graphics on the new album are by Didier Conrad, and the script is by Fabrice Caro, aka FabCaro.