September 27, 2023

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Roel Vanderstock opens restaurant: ‘I hope to be there in a few years’ |  Showbiz

Roel Vanderstock opens restaurant: ‘I hope to be there in a few years’ | Showbiz

showbizRoel Vanderstocks, 46, is opening a restaurant. ‘Frans and Yvonne’ in Waarloos focuses on Flemish cuisine with nostalgic dishes. At the moment, the “Family” actor does not have time to work in the kitchen, but that is his intention one day.

Vanderstock took over the business at Farlos after it collapsed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The actor retains the team that already worked there and the name remains the same. “The name refers to the names of the residents who lived in the terraced houses where the restaurant is now,” explains Vanderstock. “The kitchen was built where Frans lived, and the dining room was Yvonne’s.”

Vanderstocken & Company. Focus on Flemish cuisine. “Think homemade meatballs in tomato sauce or bean au vint. But also horse steak or marrow bone. We also have a suggestion card with duck, for example. We focus on a strong, affordable, local menu.”

Choose chicken

Vanderstuk has always had a preference for the food industry. “My grandparents had a café, and that preference has always been there,” he says. “If I had not become an actor, there was a good chance I would have ended up in the world of catering. It has always been a dream. Until now.”

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The actor loves cooking. He once won, along with his colleague Kurt Rogers, the cooking show “2 Sterrenrestaurant” on the VTM channel. But Vanderstock doesn’t have time to work in his business kitchen right now. “I’ll be there every time I have free time in my schedule, but right now I’m very busy with other projects. This is how my theater tour starts on Friday. But if I have more time in a few years, I hope to participate. His major?” Folder or vent. I could easily spend an entire day preparing fresh stock and selecting a chicken for good fresh flavor. Then it’s put in the fridge, and in the following weeks, there’s always a party on Sunday.

Fras and Yvonne will open on September 12.