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“I’m afraid I won’t be alive” – ​​Corriere.it

They beat us from noon to 10pm. I am afraid he will not be alive. To say I was scared is not enough to really express how I feel. I feel something hot coming out of my body. I am completely silent and I can not mourn even when they attack me. I firmly believe They will kill Esmoil This darkness will never end (Smail Bakshi, a trade unionist at the Haft Tabe refinery, was imprisoned and tortured for his role in the 2018 mobilization. Ed).

After a while the car stops and we travel on the road leading upwards. From the voices around me I understand that they threw the email to the ground. Are you dead Am I dead? Suddenly they hung by my side and hit me again. I get out of the car. They accuse me: You have soiled the car with your blood. Then, they pull out the cardboard box I had in my hand and lead me somewhere else. I closed my eyes and could not see where I was going. I know they take me down a slope to a room. I shudder and beg them to let me see a female guard, but in response they yell at me: a woman, why? Here you die.

I am surrounded only by male voices, which makes me shudder even more. They take me somewhere and I don’t know where. They give me a change. Go inside and change your clothes. An old dirty dark blue uniform, big enough to hold my hand in mine. My most serious blood loss. They have been insulting me since this morning. I am afraid to listen to sanitary pads. I am afraid I will be humiliated and beaten again. The guard grabs the pieces of cardboard and pushes me forward, they call it a stick. The stick scares me, I don’t know why. They push me into a corner. Stay here for a few minutes until your cell is ready. In the meantime, don’t talk to other women in the cells!

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My God! So will he eventually see another woman? I enter the cell. My body is covered in bruises. I struggle, and the cell door closes behind me.

I lift my eyes and look at a woman in the same uniform, with her eyes lifted from the veil and eyes. A blanket covers her lower body. After ten hours of torture and terror, I feel like everything is over when I see her. I hugged her and without asking questions, we clasped each other’s hands. He asks my name. Goalie … No, I’ll answer that. We are still crying.

They killed the email I said. Instead of asking who the email is, he hits me on the head and says: They kill my whole family. I hear her name. He replies: My name is Makkih… Makkih Nisi. I am here for twenty-one days. Mickey felt my head and neck ache. He massages my neck and asks: Why are you here?

Because I was in a union struggle. Why are you here?

Aren’t you afraid to tell me?

They accuse them of being members of ISIS. Aren’t you scared?

Why should I be afraid? I saw it today, ISIS. They are ISIS, not you. Suddenly a jailer opens the door. (…) He takes me to the next cell. Before locking me inside, he tells me: I will tell your investigator tomorrow that the ISIS people have seduced you.

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