December 1, 2022

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'I'm trying to make sense of what happened here': Biden questions mental health again after incident at press conference

‘I’m trying to make sense of what happened here’: Biden questions mental health again after incident at press conference

“Where’s Jackie?” When US President Joe Biden wanted to thank the organization after Wednesday’s conference, he asked Congressman Jackie Walorsky. She only died two months ago, and Biden sent a statement about it. This again raises questions about his mental health, but his spokeswoman is intent on not admitting wrongdoing.

After the conference on hunger, nutrition and health, the president inquired about the whereabouts of Jackie Walorsky, 58. “Jackie, are you here? Where is Jackie?” he asks, looking around the room. Biden seems to have forgotten that Wallorsky, an Indiana Republican, was killed in a car crash in August. Biden seemed unaware and continued his speech. However, Biden released a statement after the incident in which he and wife Jill were “shocked and saddened” by her death.


“I’m trying to understand what happened here.”

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre was asked question after question after Biden’s remarkable passing. Was the boss confused? asked Stephen Portnoy of CBS, now the third reporter to know where the fatal error came from. “Was there something written on the teleprompter (auto, editor) Who did not recognize it? I’m trying to understand what happened here.”

The spokeswoman responded that the journalist had reached quite a few conclusions. If that was the case, I would have said so. What I said is that she (Jackie, editor)above mind Because the president will meet her family in two days. I don’t think this is uncommon.”

Another reporter replied curtly: “Karen, John Lennon sits with me every day above mind But I’m not looking for him anywhere.”

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lost on stage

It has persisted like this because questions about Joe Biden’s mental fitness have been asked for some time. Even before he took office, opponents were trying to discredit Biden, who was inaugurated at the age of 78, making him the oldest US president ever. Even former President Donald Trump called him sleepy atmosphere. Also last week, the man looked confused when he appeared to be lost on stage after a conference.

An Al Jazeera journalist told her spokeswoman Jean-Pierre: “These moments of confusion are happening with increasing frequency. Americans who see this are worried about it. What do you say about that? This is a legitimate question. We need to get answers.”

The press secretary ignored her question. She only bit the reporter because she was rude to her colleagues because it wasn’t her turn to speak up.

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Either way, the muddled statement is once again fueling speculation. An editor at CNN Politics described the recent fatal error as a “fatal error” in a column. “Unfortunately for Biden, he is playing on a caricature that Republicans – led by former President Donald Trump – portrayed him long ago.”

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