May 28, 2024

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In Haiti, President Moyes was killed and the first woman injured was transferred to Miami. Country in chaos

Port O Prince, 7 July 2021 – Deadly ambush advertising Haiti The country is in turmoil. A Armed Commando Of the ‘mercenaries’, some of whom spoke Spanish, about 1 local (7 Italians) was killed at his home last night. Haitian President Jovnell Moyes and his wife Lady Martin Notice of death was initially given Still alive . Located in Haiti’s First Lady Severe conditions Its transport is arranged at a hospital in Port-au-Prince and abroad, probably to Miami, according to the Haitian ambassador in Santo Domingo, Smith Augustine, At a press conference, he took stock of the situation in the country and corrected the first information that Martin Moyes had been killed.

Regarding the dynamics of the attack, some residents saw people roaming the area Black camouflage men And have heard footage from large-scale weapons and observed drones flying. News website released a statement from the Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, He accepted the country’s advertising leadership and described it as “a despicable, inhuman and barbaric act”.

As always the portal also reports from the newspaper Miami Herald, The attackers. ” Agents of the American Goddess“, According to a video taken by those in the Moss house, a Haitian government official, however, categorically denied that they could have been agents of the goddess, and promised that” these were mercenaries “.

Siege level

Joseph said Siege situation in the country. This was announced by the Prime Minister in a televised message in which he appeared after chairing an extraordinary group of ministers with Police Chief Leon Charles and other officials.

The airport was closed

Port-au-Prince International Airport is closed to traffic and oncoming flights are forced to return or change their route. This is what happened to an American Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale that returned to its starting point. For its part, Haitian company Sunrise Airlines has announced that all of its flights will be “canceled until further notice”.

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Months of violence

Moisin’s murder comes at the height of several months Tensions and violence In the midst of a political crisis. In the absence of an agreement, the late head of state issued the decree from January 2020 Legislative Elections This effectively knocked Parliament out. He left yesterday, however, the portal Haiti Press Network, the perfect time to register parties at the next public consultation, is scheduled for September.

Biden’s faith

“We are shocked and saddened by the brutal assassination of Haitian President Joanne Moiz and the attack on First Lady Martin. We condemn This is a despicable act “: therefore Joe Biden Commented on Moisin’s murder Mourning And offerings to the people of the Caribbean island Support The United States “continues to work in secure Haiti.” A request has been sent from the United States to call tomorrow, Thursday Emergency meeting Regarding the situation in Haiti Security Council Of the United Nations. The crowd will be behind closed doors. They are asked to keep Elections in Haiti As expected this year: “The United States continues to hope that we will continue with this year’s election,” a State Department spokesman said. Net price, Voting will help to shift power peacefully The new president Elected “.

La First Lady Trasperita is a Miami

In the afternoon (9.30pm Italian time) Martin Moyes, Haiti’s first lady Ambulance plane Fort Lauderdale Airport, north Miami, Severe injuries sustained in the attack should be treated. Wife of slain president, according to local Florica newspapers Fixed but “important” key symptoms And will be treated at Baptist Hospital.

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