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The French avoid holidays in Spain and Portugal As a preventive measure against corona virus infection, especially from delta diversity. This was seen in an interview with European broadcaster Clement Peon France2. We are monitoring the situation in countries where the epidemic is spreading very fast: Those who have not already booked the holidays should especially avoid Portugal, Spain and Catalonia, The minister spoke prudently that many French people there go to dinner. Beware, the epidemic is not over. Over the next few days, Peon continued, Advanced activities can be initiated Against Spain and Portugal, epidemics must continue to rise: some countries have opened their doors to the extent of not being able to benefit from the tourist season.


From Cantabria to Andalusia, from the Basque Country to Balearics, In Spain the epidemic begins again with the younger. Covit-19 is reusing the new rules of nightlife, school-ending parties and publications, festivals and concerts, and the soft rules for accessing clubs and audiences. Data processed by the Ministry of Health in recent weeks indicates an increase in infections among those under 30 years of age. The corona virus, which has been exposed to red light through the favorite vaccine for people over 60, has moved on to adolescents and those in their twenties, who have not yet been vaccinated, but fortunately resist the effects of infection. Hospitals and intensive care units are therefore less vulnerable than general practitioners.

Then The biggest explosion in recent days in Mallorca, More than 800 students have tested positive with cloth on field trips, The virus spread across the peninsula, reaching eleven autonomous communities. Always moving in the background of very young and often asymptomatic groups. The latest findings are highlighted Significant gap between infectious events in the general population, More than 150 cases per one lakh people, and events in the junior group: 450 in 20-29 year olds and 350 in youngsters. In the 20-24 range, we know that one in 100 victims end up in hospital; In the 25-29 range, this can occur for 1.5 out of 100 cases; In a group of people between the ages of 30 and 39, two or three out of 100 may end up in it, said Spanish Health Minister Carolina Darias.

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Vaccine campaign, With the goal of reaching 33 million vaccines (70 percent of the population) by the end of August: Currently, 56.9 percent (approximately 27 million people) of the population have been vaccinated with at least one dose, while 42.1 percent (approximately 20 million) have completed the cycle. According to reports from the governments of several autonomous communities, Galicia, Cantabria and Valencia The world, They like Re-establish already strict preventive measures over the next few days to prevent new peaks. So recently there are time limits for discos that are allowed to be open until 3am, while 30 or 40 percent of nightclub managers in Catalonia may arbitrarily decide not to resume business because they are unable to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, the federal government is preparing to strengthen the La de Securidate National In case of future crisis situations created by Govt-19. All citizens, according to the information No., May be ordered and used by officers in priority roles and services. The new rules will allow basic needs to be demanded as a strategic balance This ensures self-sufficiency and avoids speculation. In short, the recollection of the smuggling of masks and the cleaning of gels and the lack of respirators is still fresh, but the draft reform examined by the Council of Ministers still seems vague about the compensation and compensation provided to those who are forced to stop their activities. Involve themselves in the service public.


However, the health situation in Portugal deteriorated

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Caused due Delta variant, Is now widespread around the world: it is reported in about 100 countries, according to the Kisite database, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Israel, Russia and, in fact, Portugal. The Kisite database believes that the delta is responsible for 76 percent of infections in the country, 44 percent in Spain. According to a report by the Portuguese National Institute of Public Health (INSA), The comparative frequency of variance would have reached 89.1 percent in the week ended June 27th, Rose sharply from 45.8 percent three weeks ago.

In the last 24 hours, the country has registered more than 3,000 cases for the first time since February: 3,288 new cases, an increase of 40 per cent compared to the previous week, which has greatly alarmed the authorities. Here, too, infections have been recorded Especially among unknown young peopleHowever, it is important to keep the number of victims below the February level. The economy is broken, the beaches are congested and nothing is done for Prime Minister Antonio Costa, but to invite citizens to maintain a high level of security, Face the fourth wave of epidemics It sank the country after borders reopened to European and British tourists in mid-May. Can’t distract or relax us, Costa explained in recent days, reminding the Portuguese to maintain health activities and social distance.

This time Only 38 percent of the population was vaccinated, The campaign was open to those under 30 years of age. To prevent infections The Portuguese government last week decided to re-impose night curfew orders in 45 most affected municipalities, Including Lisbon and Porto, the capital of the country’s second largest city. Asked about the tightening of health restrictions, Health Minister Marta Demido said no measures could be ruled out. However, he said, The government cannot impose new restrictions without declaring a state of emergency again To do so, he would need the support of Republican President Conservative Marcelo Rebello de Sousa, who has already been proven unfavorable.

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Holiday tips

In the face of these figures, as explained above, the French European European Minister recommended to his fellow citizens to avoid Spain and Portugal: a recommendation, he said. Surely, It is authorized to travel throughout Europe, including Spain and Portugal, But we were wary of Portugal and Catalonia, which have been hit hardest by the delta diversity.

The Italian government, at present, does not offer any specific advice or recommendations regarding travel to Spain or Portugal.

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