May 21, 2024

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Release, 4 vaccines protect against all types. Olympic Games except spectators in Tokyo

France fears epidemics: “Avoid Spain and Portugal”

“Do not go to Spain and Portugal, stay France Or choose another country. This is a message sent to the French by Paris in view of the summer holidays. Variation is constantly scary Delta , Which will not stop its epidemic race, while at the same time trying to find a compromise on restrictions so that countries do not miss the months of the tourist season, which is very important for economies already affected by the consequences. Virus . Thus, despite the UK grinding daily records of epidemics pushed by the delta, measures are expected to ease for returnees from more than 100 countries, including London and Italy, to the results of precautionary isolation for those who committed the first and second-degree. Holidays, yes, but not in Spain or Portugal, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs advised Clement Peon. “For those who have not yet booked the holidays, avoid, stay in Portugal, Spain, France or go elsewhere,” some countries have “opened the doors too much to push tourism”. Peon did not rule out other “strengthened measures” if epidemics continue to rise in both countries. On the Iberian Peninsula, the delta is rapidly expanding, already dominating communities in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencian community and Navarre. The latest weekly report from the Ministry of Health photographs variation in 11% of the samples analyzed, but experts believe the cycle of variation is greater. Despite the pace of epidemics (32,500 more recorded today than yesterday), the UK is making direct progress on its reopening plan. With the Minister of Transport, Grant Shops, Which announced the cancellation of isolation for returnees, but only if fully vaccinated with a double dose. Revenue action for more than 100 countries, including Italy, other EU countries and the United States, will fall on July 19. The announcement was greeted with applause from British Airways, EasyJet and other major carriers: “A positive first step”.

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