December 5, 2023

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in the picture.  “Veerle Baetens is the reason I started acting”: BVs on the red carpet for the premiere of “Het smelt” |  film

in the picture. “Veerle Baetens is the reason I started acting”: BVs on the red carpet for the premiere of “Het smelt” | film

filmThe premiere of “Het smelt”, Veerle Baetens’ directorial debut based on the 2016 best-selling book of the same name by Lize Spit, starring Charlotte de Bruijn and Rosa Marchant, took place at Kinepolis Antwerp on Wednesday evening.

Christoph Dehuyser

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“It Melts” tells the story of Eva who, many years after a sweltering summer that got completely out of control, returns to her home village with an ice block in the trunk of her car to deal with her past and leave a lasting message. Leaves. Actress Fairlie Baetens does not play the lead role in the film, but she got behind the camera and thus made her directorial debut. Charlotte de Bruyne, best known for the first season of The Twelve, plays the adult Eva, while Rosa Marchant plays the young version of the character.

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© Christoph Gesselinck

For Veerle Baetens, it was a special but also exciting moment to present “It Melts” to the Belgian audience. “Normally I’m never nervous about a debut like this, but since this was my directorial debut, I thought it was different. I’ve been working on it for seven years and now everyone will have an opinion about it. The book has been read by a lot of people. It was a bestseller and was praised to the heavens. As a result, many will compare the book and the movie. And then the book wins anyway. It’s more comprehensive, you get to know more characters. In a movie, every scene should have its use ( economic) and must attract a wide audience.

In addition, expectations are also high because Veerle is a household name in Belgium. “I can only say one thing: I worked hard to make a good film and I am very happy with the final result. As much as I can, this is the best I have inside me.” Although her fame also provides additional promotion. “But at the same time Everybody’s going to look at the movie with a magnifying glass. When I started singing with the Dallas band it was the same story. But well, I don’t lose sleep over it anymore.

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“It Melts” can be seen in cinemas from October 25.

“It is a great honor to have my book turned into a film Fairly Bites The writer says: “The director is him.” Liz Speight.

Liz Speight and Fairlie Baetens
Liz Speight and Fairlie Baetens © Christoph Gesselinck

CSKA Shooters She came to watch with her best friend Julie.

Cesca Shooters and good friend Julie
Cesca Shooters and good friend Julie © Christoph Gesselinck

With shyness, red color appears on the cheeks Kobe Elsen On the red carpet. The broadcaster, who was present without his fiancée Sarah, said: “I’m sorry I didn’t get dressed.”

Kobe Elsen
Kobe Elsen © Christoph Gesselinck

“All three of us are huge fans of the book, so we didn’t want to miss this movie premiere,” he says. Caroline Mays Alongside her partner, Kim, and her eldest son, Arnaud. The “Family” actress also works as an intimacy coach on the set of “Come Back,” the film in which Veerle Baetens plays her daughter Billie.

Caroline Mays with her son Arno and partner Kim
Caroline Mays with her son Arno and partner Kim © Christoph Gesselinck

“I haven’t read the book, but the trailer for the movie looks very mysterious,” Miss Belgium said. Emily Vansteenkiste. In addition to several television assignments, she will leave to participate in the Miss Universe competition in early November.

Emily Vansteenkiste
Emily Vansteenkiste © Christoph Gesselinck

Lesley Ann Pope She stood out again with her bold and revealing clothes. The blonde poses with her husband, Kevin, on the red carpet.

Lesley Ann Pope and Kevin
Lesley Ann Pope and Kevin © Christoph Gesselinck

“Fairl Baetens is the woman of my life, and she is the reason I started acting,” says the actress. Jennifer Helen.

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Jennifer Helen
Jennifer Helen © Christoph Gesselinck

“The book was already very intense, so a film with pictures and music would be doubly successful,” says Radio 2 Voice. Anja Dimes She took her partner, Fred, with her.

Anja Dimes and her partner Fred
Anja Dimes and her partner Fred © Christoph Gesselinck

“I expect a wave of attractive, pervasive emotions,” says the VTM sportscaster. Vandenberg lies Who was out with Eva, her sister-in-law Martin Brix. The latter arrived shortly afterwards.

Vandenberghe lies and his sister-in-law lies
Vandenberghe lies and his sister-in-law lies © Christoph Gesselinck

Martin Brix
Martin Brix © Christoph Gesselinck

Family representative Werner de Smet He was present with his wife, Julie.

Werner de Smedt and his wife Julie
Werner de Smedt and his wife Julie © Christoph Gesselinck

despite of Maura Vander Weken She is often abroad for acting duties, and was still able to attend this premiere. One of her close friends was a cameraman for the show “It Melts.” But will we see the actress on December 7 at the Antwerp Sportpaleis during Studio 100’s first “SingAlong” concert? “Everyone is hoping that we will be there with Amika, I am receiving a lot of messages. “Unfortunately, I am not allowed to say anything about it,” he sounds vague.

Christoph Gesselinck
© Christoph Gesselinck

“With Ferrell as director, the film should definitely be one of the best,” he said. Cath Luyten With her fiancé, Ashraf, next to him. “She’s been able to steal a lot over her acting career and her eyes are on all those sets.”

Kath Luyten and Ashraf
Kath Luyten and Ashraf © Christoph Gesselinck

stani crits He spent a night with his son, Bobby.

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Stanie Crites and his son Bobby
Stanie Crites and his son Bobby © Christoph Gesselinck

“Family” actress. Margot Hallimans Came to watch with good friend Doreen. “I have yet to read the book, but it was a huge hit and I’m not very good at it.”

Margot Hallemans and Doreen
Margot Hallemans and Doreen © Christoph Gesselinck

Home actress Marieke Delice She went to the movies with her husband Sippy.

Marieke Delis and her husband Sippy
Marieke Delis and her husband Sippy © Christoph Gesselinck

Francesca Vanthelen She matched her outfit to the color of the movie poster.

Francesca Vanthelen
Francesca Vanthelen © Christoph Gesselinck

Actress “Lisa”. Tin Oltmanns Showing her best side to the photographers.

Tin Oltmanns
Tin Oltmanns © Christoph Gesselinck

Actor couple Steve Aerts And Mary Fink They were looking forward to the movie.

Steve Aerts and Mary Fink
Steve Aerts and Mary Fink © Christoph Gesselinck

Actors “Homeland”. Ivana Noa And And Anis Lacroix They were there too.

Ivana Noa and Oannis Lacroix
Ivana Noa and Oannis Lacroix © Christoph Gesselinck

“The book is set in the village next to me, so I’m very curious to see how recognizable it is in the movie,” says the actress. Jasmine van Hove Such a good friend and colleague Emmers joke Taking.

Joke Emmers and Jasmine van Hove
Joke Emmers and Jasmine van Hove © Christoph Gesselinck

TV maker Tim Van Elst And his wife, Sophie, show their most beautiful smiles on the red carpet.

Tim van Aelst and Sophie
Tim van Aelst and Sophie © Christoph Gesselinck

Actors of the first “thirties” gather at the premiere of the film “Het Smelt”. to Yannick de Coster (on crutches), Christophe Goffin, Evelyn van Ham, Carmen Luers and Yemi Oduale.

Actors in their thirties
Actors in their thirties © Christoph Gesselinck