May 21, 2024

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In the UK, the Delta variant has not dropped, but 527 of the 806 people admitted to the hospital have not been vaccinated. Vaccination is underway for 18-year-old boys

The Delta variant The government has no time for the UK Boris Johnson Accelerates frantically Vaccine campaign To try to prevent a third wave of infection. Immunizations for eighteen-year-olds begin today, The last type listed in the British Vaccine Program, which does not include children. But this is a race against diversity, which proves to be deadly. In the past week, there has been an increase of 33,630 cases of infection to a total of 75,953 people affected by the delta variation.

Recent figures from the Public Health UK Now make sure that 99% of the cases are sorted Across the country they are compatible with the gene of this mutation imported from India. Compared to the original variant of Kent or Alpha, Delta is hospitalized with a higher number, subject to an increase of 423 cases in the first week of June 14, reaching 806, requiring hospital admission. However, positive data seem to respond to vaccines. In fact, it appears that 527 patients were not vaccinated, while only 84 of the 806 people who ended up in the hospital received both drugs.

Cases are increasing rapidly across the country, and the delta variant now dominates. The increase mainly affects younger people, who have not been vaccinated in large quantities, but are now being called for vaccination – said Dr Jenny Harris, chief executive of the UK Health Care Organization It is encouraging to note that hospitalization and mortality do not increase at the same rate“.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson adjourned all anti-Govt operations for four weeks on Monday, The new adult is on track to reach the goal of vaccinating full-grown adults by July 19th Independence DayIt also aims to have more than 60% of British adults fully immunized. However, children are still excluded from the powerful British vaccination program. As the British Government Medical Adviser Professor Chris Witty points out, the UK is still evaluating the safety of vaccines for younger patients: “We do not want to expose children to vaccines unless they are very safe, as the risks associated with covid are very low in children, except in cases with pre-existing diseases.” Licensed, and we are amassing data to analyze the safety factor of young people.However, at this time, it is a priority to vaccinate all adults over the age of 18 and ensure that everyone gets a second dose.In this frantic race for the last syringe, British medical and scientific advisers have not backed down. In controlling the use of astrogen For those under 40. “The benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the effects of the epidemic,” said Sir Patrick Valens, the government’s chief scientific adviser.

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