April 21, 2024

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American bishops against abortion, is there no unity for Biden?

Was unity forbidden to Joe Biden and American politicians who support abortion? U.S. Catholic bishops have voted in favor of formulating guidelines on unity, arguing that it would be a controversial move that would lead to restrictions on Catholic politicians, such as President Biden, aborting the pregnancy. The move came after more than three-and-a-half hours of heated debate at the Spring Bishops’ Conference online, with 168 votes in favor, 55 against and six votes in favor.

The question of the unity of Catholic politicians who do not oppose abortion has long divided the American Episcopate, but has been heated since the election of Biden, a Catholic trainer who visits the masses every Sunday to become president. Last May, the Vatican warned US bishops that the definition of procedures for Catholic politicians was divisive and should be followed only if it led to greater unity. In support of his advice, he quoted a 2002 document signed by Pope John Paul II of the Vatican and the future Pope Benedict XVI, then head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

“Our credibility is in danger … the eyes of the nation are on us. If we do not act boldly, clearly and firmly on this central Catholic value, how can we expect to be taken seriously in other matters?” He said. Speaking of abortion, the Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvador Cardillion, supported the document.

Robert McIlroy, the Archbishop of San Diego, clearly objected, warning of the danger of benevolence being politicized. “The dangers of charity becoming an instrument in a violent discriminatory conflict … if exclusion on a political basis became legal … we would have called political hostility at the heart of the celebration of charity,” he stressed.

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Cardinal Wilton Gregory said in his Washington D.C. diocese that priests would never deny Biden unity and cautioned against it. “The choice before us is whether to follow the path of unity or move towards a document that does not lead to unity, but rather it will cause damage,” he said.


“This is a personal matter and I do not think it will happen,” US President Joe Biden told reporters when asked about the bishops’ discussion of the possibility of banning unity for politicians like him. No. The Hill reports opposition to abortion. Biden is a Catholic who goes to Mass and communicates every Sunday.