April 15, 2024

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Athens, Breakthrough in the Murder of a 20-Year-Old British Woman: Her Husband Confesses After Being Designed by Smartwatch and Phone

Confessions – The version provided by Anagnostopoulos about what happened in their apartment, located in the Athenian neighborhood of Glika Nera, never fully convinced investigators. The pilot had publicly claimed that armed robbers broke into the house and hugged him, killing his wife in the bedroom while the daughter was asleep. The child was unharmed, while the family dog ​​was found suffocating and hanging from the rails. However, those collected by forensics do not agree with the 33-year-old story. So technology sheds light on what happened.

The information gathered from the smartwatch and phone data was sufficient to further dig into and persuade investigators until an affidavit was obtained after an eight-hour hearing. Confession to the authorities shortly after attending a memorial service Caroline, Young girl grew up on the island of Alonisos. However, the purpose is not yet clear. According to reports BBC, The man told investigators that he had been having frequent fights with his wife in recent months.

Post on Instagram – The last photo on Anagnostopoulos’ Instagram starts on May 16, five days after the woman died. The pilot released a picture of their wedding: “Always be together. Have a nice trip, my dear.”

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