April 22, 2024

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Urban, Organized Event of Immigrants, An ‘Evil’ That Must Be Stopped – Ultima Ora


“When tens of thousands of people come to the Hungarian frontiers, often young people are in perfect health and march in columns toward the border. If we try to stop them, they come against us. We are not talking about immigration but about violating sovereignty. We must stop all this,” Orban said. Told Vos del Concio.

In an interview with the Serbian media, the Hungarian prime minister said he believed all of this was organized for political purposes in order to bring “a large number of Muslims to the European continent.” “I hope that all those who do not defend themselves will no longer recognize their country in 20 years.” Orban then argues that it goes against the European political currents that dominate Hungary, defending the model of the Christian family and that “there is no place in Hungary for LGBT madness.” (On the handle).

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