April 21, 2024

Taylor Daily Press

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“We will lose him” – Libero Codidiano

“Our Beloved German Shepherd Champ Dies in Peace at Home”: With this note, issued by the White House Joe Biden, With First Lady Jill, announced the disappearance of his girlfriend. “He has been our faithful and loving companion for the past 13 years He was lauded by the entire Biden family, “the president continued.

“He was with us during our happiest moments and our most painful days, sensitive to every unspoken feeling and emotion. We love our sweet, good guy and we will always miss him“Joe and Jill wrote together in this agony. The president’s other dog is in the White House, however, Major, Became the first dog in history. A dog that “distinguished itself” for biting some members of the presidential staff in recent months.

“The Major agreed because I was told that having a younger dog was the best way to keep the old champ alive,” Biden recently admitted. The Major was also turned away To take a lesson that taught him to adapt to the new environment. He then went back to the White House, where Jill announced the arrival of a cat in recent weeks.

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