April 16, 2024

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“Even with this sad joke, let’s leave them to nature”, those who want to impose the death penalty – Libero Cottidiano

Massimo Finney His latest comment, published in, was controversial and he openly expressed an opinion Everyday event. Speaking of Govt and fundamentalism, he first made a specific reference to the government as well Roberto Speranza: “I’m sorry for the minister to be a good man, but the government’s communications and its scientific team are so complex, complex and paradoxical that I challenge any ordinary person to understand anything about it.”

The Green Boss The latest example for Finn: “If they think they will drag us through vaccines, vaccine boosters and boosters for years, they are wrong. The stress we have been experiencing for two years is no longer strong. We do not have the strength to actively revolt, we will do it by refusing to be vaccinated.” Finn firmly believes that extending the existence of Govt, we are openly opposed.

His solution was “final”, a provocation that would certainly turn some noses: “If nature had been left to do what it deserved, that is, if it had been thinned out when the population was in abundance, the cow would have died of starvation, and would have lasted a year or two.” I don’t really understand why Septuagenarians or Octogenorians are saving, Usually suffering from two or three serious illnesses, have prevented the lives of entire generations of Govt who can do nothing. Let the one who has to die die – Finney’s glow – Let’s stop this sad joke.

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