April 16, 2024

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Alternatives 2021-22, all answers to frequently asked questions. Question time [VIDEO]


Operations for GPS functions and alternatives are ongoing. The time is until 11.59pm on 21 August 2021. Applications will only be entered electronically through the “Online Events (POLIS)” application.

SPID Certificates or, conversely, valid user access to the Services within the designated area of ​​the Ministry “Online Events (POLIS)” service with specific authorization.

Direct study

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Until Friday, August 13, 5 information breaks

To avoid losing the opportunity to ask questions during a live broadcast, note the appointments on your agenda here.

Monday, August 9 at 2.30pm Maria Dominica de Patre (Guilda) Review live

Tuesday 10 Tuesday at 2.30pm with Sierra Cosetto (Anif) Review live

Wednesday, August 11 4.00 pm with Manila Pascarella (Flc Cgil)

Thursday, August 12 at 2.30pm with Atilio Varengo (Cecil School)

Friday, August 13 at 2.30pm with Pavlo Pisso (Will School).

Information sites guide Andrea Carlino, Journalist of the Orient School.


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