April 16, 2024

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The investigation has put Jair Bolsanaro in trouble

Of the 81 emails received from biotech company Pfizer, 53 of the most alarming data released so far on managing the eruption, the government did not respond to the proposed purchase of its corona virus vaccine. Slow down the supply and administration of vaccines in the country.

Randolph Rodriguez, opposition senator and deputy chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, called the consequences of this behavior “tragic and painful”: to date only 26 percent of Brazilians have received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine and And respect The vast majority of the population over the age of 60 would not have received both levels before September. When Bolsonaro was once asked why the government was preventing Pfizer from giving the vaccine, he jokingly replied that the vaccines had turned people into crocodiles.

Luana Arazo, an epidemiologist who attended the trial in Brasilia, told the commission that “we had the time, we had the tools – an enviable basic health care system – yet we continued to insist on the wrong track.” According to Arazo, the government has “chosen to ignore the experience of other parts of the world” and continues to manage the epidemic “with a mixture of arrogance and ignorance” which has proven to be “really dangerous”.

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Allegations of mismanagement of the epidemic, which emerged from the first weeks of the trial, have greatly damaged the president’s reputation, but it is still too early to understand whether Bolzano will actually come out weak.

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The trial is expected to end in August, but may continue until October. Ultimately, the commission will recommend a series of indications and recommended actions, including a possible charge against Bolsanaro, or a possible claim against him that could prevent him from running again in next year’s presidential election.

According to some analysts, the damage to Bolzano’s reputation as a result of the investigation could reopen the path to his return to politics, as well as the return of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, leader of the main Brazilian Left Party (Labor Party), to politics. An outstanding critic of the works of Brazil, as well as Bolsanaro, from 2003 to 2011. However, according to others, Bolzano could still come out well.

Matthias Spector, Professor of International Relations at the Fantano Cetilio Vargas in Riaz de Janeiro He said al Financial Times Despite the widespread consensus that the epidemic has been badly treated by the government, Bolzano continues to gain 20-30 percent approval among voters. In addition, although some politicians have tried to use the trial to select, none of the president’s allies has decided to leave the government, so a major crisis has not yet opened.