September 21, 2023

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In this way, you can transfer WhatsApp chats quickly and easily

In this way, you can transfer WhatsApp chats quickly and easily

Now it is easier to transfer your WhatsApp chats to a new smartphone. Read this tip how it works.

Read on after the announcement.

This is how you transfer WhatsApp chats

If you are switching to a new smartphone, you probably know that transferring WhatsApp chats is quite a task. However, the Chat Now app makes it easy to transfer your conversations to a new device. You no longer have to work with your Google Drive backups, but you can simply scan a QR code.

WhatsApp then uses a local Wi-Fi connection to transfer your chats securely and quickly. The feature is being rolled out to everyone and can be found in Settings. Open WhatsApp, tap on the three dots in the top right, choose Settings, then tap on Chats. Here you will see the “Transfer Chats” function at the bottom.

Now follow the steps below:

  1. Get your old and new smartphone;
  2. Install WhatsApp on your new phone and be sure to register with the same phone number;
  3. WhatsApp displays the qr code on the new device. Scan this code with your old phone to transfer all your chats.

That was it! As mentioned, transferring all your WhatsApp chats is now much easier. You no longer need to backup to Google Drive to save conversations.

It is important to know that the new feature only works between Android smartphones. So you cannot transfer conversations from Android to iOS (and vice versa).

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More WhatsApp tips

WhatsApp regularly gets new features. For example, it has recently become possible to silence unknown callers, so that you are not disturbed unnecessarily. You can also send images in high quality using WhatsApp.

Previously, your images were compressed by the chat application, which resulted in a loss of quality. Furthermore, it is now possible to edit sent messages; Perfect when you make a spelling mistake or want to say something else.