July 24, 2024

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“Influenced by political factors” – Songfestival.be

“Influenced by political factors” – Songfestival.be

On Tuesday evening, fifteen participants competed for ten places in the final during the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest has already ended for five participants. Many artists have now responded.

During the first semifinal match on Tuesday, Poland, Iceland, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Australia received very few votes and thus could go home.

Natalia Barbeau

Moldavian Natalia Barbeau, who finished tenth in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, can therefore prepare for her comeback trip. The unhappy singer was proposed to the site moldova1.md Which affected the match Political factors.

“It’s very political and it doesn’t matter, because my song is about light, it’s about beauty and I’m sure I’ve touched a lot of people, but this competition is probably not just about that,” says Natalia.

However the singer also expressed Gratitude To share. “I thank God for this same experience. It was fun. I think I ended up here for a reason. From now on, a new and beautiful phase begins in my career and in my life.

Electric fields

And the Australian participant as well Electric fieldsalready looked at the semi-finals.

On X you can read: “Last night’s performance was so much fun and the crowd was amazing!” we are like this Pride For what we did. We are forever grateful to be here and to share our song, accomplishments and culture with everyone.

The Yadaki player, who was on stage with the Australian duo, also responded on his Instagram account. He wore a single image on his chest watermelon. Watermelon shares its colors with the colors of the Palestinian flag.

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Through his Instagram account, he explains his choice of this image in which he expresses his support for Palestine.

The statement has passed the authority of the European Union. Irish contestant Bambi Thug had to change the words she wrote on their bodies. In addition, the European Broadcasting Union expressed its “regret” over the statement made by Eric Saadeh, who appeared as a guest and wore a keffiyeh.

The European Broadcasting Union “regrets” Eric Saadeh’s statement during the Eurovision Song Contest performance

Hera Björk

And also Icelandic Hera Björk She has now posted a comment on her Instagram account: “So grateful for this amazing journey. Even though we didn’t make it to the finals this time, the love, support and energy we felt was unforgettable.

There are no comments from Poland Azerbaijan

We will also not see the candidates Poland and Azerbaijan in the final on Saturday. they have No public response yet To eliminate them. This article will be updated once we respond.