February 27, 2024

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Inge van Kranenbroek and Bruno van der Borght marry as Beauty and the Beast (Hasselt)

Inge van Kranenbroek and Bruno van der Borght marry as Beauty and the Beast (Hasselt)

On their wedding day, Angie wore a yellow dress like Belle. Bruno was dressed in blue like a monster.© R.R


On their wedding day, it was all about fantasy and fairy tales. It was no coincidence, because Inge van Kranenbroek and Bruno van der Borght are obsessed with games and met at a toy fair.

On their wedding day, Inge and Bruno dressed as Beauty and the Beast. “In the afternoon I wore Belle's blue coat, and for the evening party she wore her yellow dress,” says Angie. “Bruno was dressed in blue, like a monster. Some of the dining tables were decorated in the style of a card game. A party in our style, because we love games. It was also through games that we got to know each other. When I was at a game fair in Antwerp five years ago to explain things to visitors “A kind of quiz was organized around games and their publishers. To answer the questions, you had to visit all the stands at the exhibition. I couldn't do that because I was at work. Then I heard that there was someone who might be able to help me. So this was Bruno.”

Additional member

“It quickly became clear that Bruno and I had a common acquaintance: famous game designer Jason Saint-Just,” says Inge. “Jason would sometimes visit our gaming club in Lommel to show off his designs. So I asked Bruno if he wanted to come to Lommel as well. In fact, I wanted to add an extra member. I'm always trying to recruit members for our club. I also thought Bruno was from the area, just like that.” “Like Jason, but he turned out to be from Scherpenheuvel-Zechem.”

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Bruno adds: “I still accepted Angie’s invitation, because I loved her.”

Bruno and Angie are passionate about board games.© Raro

Schlager music

“A week later we met again,” Angie recalls. “It was snowing and Bruno cleaned the snow off my car. Very attentive. He also had a card with the text “I know you prefer Beauty and the Beast, but I still want to ask you if you want to be Rapunzel, I want to be your Flynn.” That ticket also included a coupon with the reference “It may only be used by people from Neerpelt with the first name Inge.” The holder of this voucher has the right to choose the purpose for which this voucher can be used.'. Then I also received a song with its title “It's necessary to do this”I was completely convinced.

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“Actually, I didn't need to be convinced anymore,” laughs Bruno. “But I secretly asked her friends if she liked schlager music, because I hate it. Fortunately she didn't, so there was no longer any obstacle. I proposed during a trip along the Romantic Road in Germany. There was an Alpenhütte at our hotel and I knelt down there “We didn't play any more games that day.”

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